This Southeast Asian Country Amongst The Most Welcoming Country for Chinese Travelers

This Southeast Asian Country Amongst The Most Welcoming Country for Chinese Travelers
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Thailand is taking the second position most welcomed for Chinese tourists after Japan, according to’s survey. 

For Chinese visitors, key reasons for feeling welcomed in Thailand is due to the widespread acceptance of Chinese mobile wallets (64 per cent), sufficient translations/signage (41 per cent), and ease of information (40 per cent).

 The survey conducted by showed that the new generation of Chinese travellers’ needs and preferences have changed.

Tour groups have grown to be outdated as Chinese travellers are growing to enjoy independent travel in Thailand.

Chinese tourists in Thailand. Image: CBRE Thailand
Chinese tourists in Thailand. Image: CBRE Thailand


They are more likely to travel on a free-and-easy basis, thanks to Thailand’s local delicacies, ease of visa application, quality of accommodation, and shopping paradise that greatly attracted Chinese travelers. 

Thailand is still one of the destinations where they prefer to travel; with its famous local craft and products that Chinese travelers could shop (56 per cent) as well as number of unique and remarkable places to visit - such the Royal Palace is the number one landmark for Chinese visitors.

With a 12-per cent increase from 2017, Chinese travelers are important for Thailand tourism industry. A better understanding of evolving Chinese travelers’ need should put Thailand tourism industry on the pulse of the country’s biggest group of customers.

Image: Thailand Business Review
Image: Thailand Business Review


Thailand tourism industry should maximize the benefits of understanding the changing taste of Chinese travelers, according to’s statement.  

 According to the research from, new and distant locations are on the agenda for Chinese travelers.  While more than one third (37 per cent) of travelers still intend to visit countries they have been to before, they will go to different cities.

Key locations in Asia are top of the list for these travelers such as Singapore, Japan and South Korea.


Image: The Nation Multimedia
Image: The Nation Multimedia

Johan Svanstrom, President of the brand, comments: “Every globe-trotter likes to feel welcome in a new country – it’s no secret we all crave human connection which is especially true when we’re in a new environment."

"We know from the CITM report Chinese travelers feel comfortable and most welcome in destinations when shop assistants speak Mandarin, Chinese mobile wallet is accepted, and there is signage they can understand."


Source : The Nation Multimedia

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