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Introducing Made-In-Singapore Disney Mobile Game, The First of Its Kind to Debut Worldwide In Southeast Asia Next Year

Introducing Made-In-Singapore Disney Mobile Game, The First of Its Kind to Debut Worldwide In Southeast Asia Next Year

A new original Disney mobile game that is wholly developed and published by Singapore game developer goGame will be released next year.

Titled Disney Epic Quest, it is an action role-playing mobile game that brings together Disney and Pixar characters into the same digital universe. Gamers will assemble a squad of three Disney and Pixar characters - such as Mickey Mouse, Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Baymax - to save their digital realm from a menacing virus that has infected the land.

The free-to-play mobile game will be available for Android and iOS devices, and will be the first Disney mobile game to debut worldwide in South-east Asia when released next year.

The game will have microtransactions and more details will be released later.

"It's a great honour to work on a Disney game that's developed by, hosted in and published for our fast-growing South-east Asia region," said Mr David Ng, founder and chief executive officer of goGame.

"Our collaboration with goGame underpins our commitment to our South-east Asian fans to deliver games unique to local tastes and preferences," said Mr Dan Dossa, Walt Disney South Asia's vice-president and general manager of consumer products commercialisation.


Available in different languages - including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese - Disney Epic Quest has a simple hack-and-slash gameplay coupled with charged attacks.

The Disney and Pixar characters play different roles, or classes, in the game. For instance, some can take more damage and some can deal more damage. Characters will have an assortment of gear and weapons to get, as well as skills to master.

Players can also take part in multiplayer cooperative battles, with a competitive player-versus-player mode being planned.

From Saturday (Oct 13), those interested in Disney Epic Quest can register on its official website ( to be notified when the game becomes available in their region. For those who cannot wait, they can head down to the Disney booth for a demo at GameStart Asia 2018, a gaming event held in Singapore this weekend (Oct 13 to 14) at Suntec Convention Centre.

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