Meet These 100 Healthiest Cities Worldwide

Meet These 100 Healthiest Cities Worldwide

If you want a city break with health benefits then Paris is the place to go, because it's been named as the world's healthiest city, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand and Barcelona.

They top a ranking of 100 cities drawn up by researchers counting the number of parks, gyms, spas, yoga and pilates studios, health food shops and vegan-option restaurants in each place, as well as analysing hours of sunlight and the cost per night of a stay.

Miami is ranked sixth globally but takes the crown for the US, while London comes a lowly 67th.

The study, by TravelSupermarket, ranks Paris as the healthiest city in the world as it gained the top score of 61.9 out of 100 in the index.

Researchers found the French capital has over 894 spas dotted across the city for visitors and residents alike to pamper themselves in. 

And while croque monsieurs and snails might jump to mind as typical French cuisine, the survey shows Paris also has over 1,305 vegan-option restaurants and over 150 health food shops.

Second placed Chiang Mai has a score of 59.6. It has almost seven spas per km squared and 307 vegan-option restaurants.

While third place Barcelona, which scores 52.1, has 1,350 vegan-option restaurants, 510 spas and 32 yoga and pilates studios.

The rest of the top 10 comprises Pattaya (fourth), Vancouver (fifth), San Francisco (seventh), Lisbon (eighth), Denpansar in Indonesia (ninth) and Buenos Aires (10th).

London's dismal ranking of 67th comes about partly because it doesn't have that many yoga studios and is very expensive to stay in.

But it does have 4,000 vegan-option restaurants and 665 spas.  

American cities dominate the top 20, with Washington DC in 15th, New York City in 17th and Las Vegas ranking 20th.

The top-ranked Australian city is Melbourne - in 78th place.

At the very bottom of the ranking there are three cities that scored zero after the research found they had very little in place for the health conscious.

These are Artvin in Turkey, Marrakech in Morroco and the Cambodian city of Siam Reap.

Emma Coulthurst, travel commentator at TravelSupermarket, said: 'We are part of a generation that prioritises health and wellness more than ever before - this means tourist destinations will have to consider tourists' needs and cater for the healthy lifestyles of travellers.

'Providing facilities such as gyms, fitness classes in hotels, a range of healthy meal options in restaurants, that also cater for specific dietary requirements, and spas around their cities are all great ways to increase the chance of health-conscious travellers visiting.

'It may seem surprising to some that Paris is the healthiest city in the world with an indulgent food and wine culture being one of their key attractions.

'However, with 894 spas, almost 150 green spaces and a large number of gyms, yoga studios and health food shops, tourists really are able to emulate the healthy lifestyle they practice at home whilst they're away.

'Visiting the city of love and lights can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised.'


1. Paris, 61.87 (score out of 100)

2. Chiang Mai, 59.57

3. Barcelona, 52.07

4. Pattaya, 47.66

5. Vancouver, 32.24

6. Miami, 28.01

7. San Francisco, 27.40

8. Lisbon, 24.83

9. Denpasar, 24.69

10. Buenos Aires, 23.92

11. Copenhagen, 23.50

12. Milan, 22.49

13. Nice, 22.43

14. Doha, 22.11

15. Washington DC, 21.45

16. Tel Aviv, 21.30

17. New York City, 21.14

18. Johor Bahru, 19.92

19. Macau, 19.71

20. Las Vegas, 19.61

21. Istanbul, 19.30

22. Dublin, 19.10

23. Honolulu, 18.73

24. Amsterdam, 18.57

25. Jakarta, 18.56

26. Antalya, 18.21

27. Dammam City, 17.96

28. Brussels, 17.75

29. Johannesburg, 17.67

30. Bangkok, 17.56

31. Taipei, 17.44

32. Cairo, 17.44

33. Riyadh, 17.10

34. Moscow, 16.75

35. Kuala Lumpur, 16.65

35. Colombo, 16.58

37. Osaka, 16.12

38. Heraklion, 16.12

39. Taichung, 15.83

40. Rio de Janeiro, 15.80

41. Chennai, 15.80

42. Abu Dhabi, 15.79

43. Los Angeles, 15.72

44. Toronto, 15.70

45. Rhodes, 15.62

46. Rome, 15.58

47. Phuket, 15.37

48. Prague, 15.09

49. Budapest, 14.77

50. Athens, 14.73 
51. Warsaw, 14.57

52. Madrid, 14.44

53. Singapore, 14.29

54. Dubai, 14.19

55. Kolkata, 14.00

56. Seoul, 13.88

57. Florence, 13.83

58. Mexico City, 13.77

59. Edirne, 13.74

60. Mumbai, 13.69

61. Stockholm, 13.69

62. Shenzhen, 13.53

63. Jerusalem, 13.46

64. Berlin, 13.34

65. Ho Chi Minh City, 13.15

66. Munich, 13.02

67. London, 12.89

68. Chiba, 12.67

69. Vienna, 12.45

70. Hong Kong, 12.36

71. Krakow, 12.33

72. St Petersburg, 12.18

73. Guangzhou, 11.45

74. Beijing, 11.16

75. Shanghai, 11.15

76. Penang Island, 11.01

77. Agra, 10.99

78. Melbourne, 10.55

79. Kyoto, 10.44

80. Tokyo, 10.12

81. Sydney, 9.16

82. Zhuhai, 9.09

83. Orlando, 9.01

84. Delhi, 7.93

85. Jeju, 7.91

86. Frankfurt, 7.89

87. Mecca, 7.82

88. Guilin, 7.66

89. Auckland, 7.57

90. Venice, 7.21

91. Ha Long, 6.95

92. Lima, 6.49

93. Phnom Penh, 5.87

94. Hainoi, 4.73

95. Jaipur, 1.82

96. Cancún, 1.28

97. Punta Cana, 1.20

98. Artvin, 0

99. Marrakech, 0

100. Siem Reap, 0

Source : Travel Supermaret

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