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Brunei to Supply Hydrogen to Japan in 2020

Brunei to Supply Hydrogen to Japan in 2020

Brunei will supply over 200 metric tonnes (MT) of hydrogen to Japan in 2020, said Minister of Energy Dato Seri Setia Dr Awang Haji Mat Suny bin Haji Mohd Hussein. He made these comments at the opening ceremony of the Advanced Hydrogen Energy Chain Association for Technology Development’s (AHEAD) hydrogenation demo plant at the Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK) in Belait District yesterday.

Operated and managed by a consortium of Japanese companies, the plant represents the first global supply chain of hydrogen from Brunei Darussalam to Japan.

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The minister was welcomed to the venue by President of AHEAD Hideki Endo. 

  • Hydrogen transportation capacity 210 tons annually at full capacity
    (Equivalent to approximately 40,000 full refills for a fuel-cell vehicle)
    Period of operation for demonstration project Scheduled for one year (2020)
    Source of hydrogen Manufacture of hydrogen by steam reforming using gas arising from the LNG plant processes (Brunei Darussalam)
    Destination of hydrogen To be used as fuel in thermal power generation facility (Kawasaki coastal region)
    Transportation method ISO tank containers
    (Container ship/truck transportation)


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