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Vietnam’s 2019 International Visits on Target

Vietnam’s 2019 International Visits on Target

Vietnam clocked 18,008,591 tourist arrivals in 2019, representing a 16.2% increase year-on-year ensuring the country hit its target.

In December alone, tourist arrivals reached  1,710,168 up 24,4% over the same period last year.

Arrivals by airline reached 14,377,509 an increase of 15.2% while overland arrivals totalled 3,366,937 up 20.4%.

The year closed with China leading the source markets supplying 5,806,425 visits up 16.9 but South Korea in second place delivered 4,290,902 visits representing an improvement of 23.1%.

Hanoi |
Hanoi |

Japan continued as the third strongest market with 951,962 visits up15.2% and Taiwan in fourth place supplied 926,744 visits up 29.8%

The US took fifth place with 746,171 visits representing an improvement of 8.6%.

Russia continued to be a strong market for Vietnam, with 646,524 visits up by 6.6%.

In Asia, two markets showed outstanding improvements. Thailand generated 509,802 arrivals up by a massive 45.9% while Malaysia clocked 606,206 arrivals up 12.2%.

The build-up in arrivals in 2019 is attributed to improved direct airline services to major destinations in Vietnam, competitive prices and positive feedback in consumer surveys that saw the country gaining awareness and recognition as a safe and appealing destination.

Other positive factors included easier visa rules and the additions to the list of nationalities that enjoy visa-free travel.    


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