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Best Ultra Low Cost Airline 2020

Best Ultra Low Cost Airline 2020

AirlineRatings again named VietJet Air as the Best Ultra Low Cost Airline in 2020, thanks in large part to its amazing cabin crew and spectacular prices.

Since launching in December 2011, the airline has grown its fleet and subsequently its number of destinations opening up travel to all including those that perhaps couldn’t afford air travel before. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas commented that the airline is “extremely clever in its marketing but behind that fun is a very smart and serious business plan that brings affordable travel to millions.” Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said: Vietjet Air has become an important part of Asia’s way of life bringing affordable fares to millions.” 

“The airline has a very modern fleet of Airbus aircraft and operationally is now up there with the very best.” 

“That is great news for the travelling public and tourists in the region,” said Mr Thomas. 

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The airline’s multinational the cabin crew take safety seriously focusing on seat belts and exits being kept clear. 

Vietjet Air operates a fleet of A320s in a 3-3 configuration with black leather seats. The airline distinguishes itself with a good combination of affordable ticket fares, which are suitable to the mass flyers plus diversified services and personalized options for busy and highly-demanded passengers from all walk of life. 

Skyboss service is one of themwhich offers its flyers with priority check-in, private boarding/disembarkation, 30-kg check-in luggage, free golf kit handling, VIP lounge and free flow of foods and beverages served onboard, etc. 


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