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Stories of Human Being Kind amid Covid-19
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Stories of Human Being Kind amid Covid-19

Through stories. We choose not to feed the virus of fear, but of love. To focus not on isolation, but on connections.

Not on differences, but on commonalities that unite us. So we’re asking you during this time of lockdowns and quarantines:

Where did you see love today? How did you foster a connection? When were you on the receiving end of compassion?

Scroll down for the answers from our community across Asia.

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Love in Survival Mode

This March is survival month but full of love as my family and I journey through this lockdown. Due to the virus, my invitation to the Asian Global Women conference in Malaysia got cancelled, and I was asked by Parliament House (where I work in Public Relations) to work from home for two weeks.

I decided to use this time to establish a routine and to do all the things I’ve put on hold. Such as writing my mum’s biography — she has been a single parent since my father passed away sixteen years ago — I now have more time to communicate with my mother who lives in another city.

Image: Our Better World/ Edrida Pulungan
Image: Our Better World/ Edrida Pulungan

I also have more time for my pregnant third sister who works as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in a public hospital. She shares health tips and I try to decrease her stress by sharing humorous stories and poetry. She is grateful for the support especially since it is a hectic time for her. 

I’ve encouraged myself, family and friends, to stay positive, and to maintain a sense of togetherness — even though we are isolated from each other, we maintain contact and community by staying in touch online. Staying positive impacts all of us in the office, family, neighbourhood, community and country — so we need to keep seeing the positive in these hard times. 

 I am grateful that I now have time to write for “our better world” and read my books. All the world has one voice now, let’s use it to strengthen each other and send love. My reflection for 2020 is to face the future with a healthy mind, body and soul. This will pass and we will survive. Hugs and love from Indonesia.

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