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Ramadhan 2020 : Fasting Hours in Southeast Asian Countries

Ramadhan 2020 : Fasting Hours in Southeast Asian Countries

The holy month of Ramadan is here and practicing Muslims are expected to fast, abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, ingesting medicine, and sexual activity throughout the day. The exact duration of the daily fast depends on the hours between sunrise and sunset. 

The tilt of the earth’s axis changes the position of the sun in the sky, causing it to appear for more or less time during a given day. 

Each day, the sun rises and sets slightly later or earlier, causing fasting hours to change by a few minutes. This year, as Ramadan falls between the months of April and May, some Muslims will fast for as long as 20 hours, while others will fast for approximately 11.5 hours.  Nordic countries will fast for the longest period of time. Norway, Greenland, and Finland will all see 20 hours of daylight, while other European countries such as Spain, France, and Italy will all have between 16.5 and 18 hours.  

In  Southeast Asian countries will fast fewer hours, such as Singapore (13.5 hours), Malaysia (13.5), Indonesia (13), and Thailand (14). 

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Muslims in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan will break fast after 16 hours. 

Australia and New Zealand will be among countries experiencing the shortest fasting times this year, at 11.5 hours. 


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