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Kindness is Contagious: Sending Soap and Supplies to Eastern Indonesia
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Kindness is Contagious: Sending Soap and Supplies to Eastern Indonesia

Through stories. We choose not to feed the virus of fear, but of love. To focus not on isolation, but on connections.

Not on differences, but on commonalities that unite us. So we’re asking you during this time of lockdowns and quarantines:

Where did you see love today? How did you foster a connection? When were you on the receiving end of compassion?

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Kindness is contagious: Sending Soap and Supplies to Eastern Indonesia

As COVID-19 has spread, it has led to the lockdown of most developed cities in the world and stretched their healthcare resources to breaking point. We have heard all about it, and obviously are as panicked as anyone else. 

Image: Zack/1000 Days Fund
Image: Zack/1000 Days Fund

But as it spreads beyond those cities into less-developed regions, there is much less healthcare available, less awareness, less equipment. Once the virus reaches there, it could ravage through villages unhindered. 

For the last two years, the 1000 Days Fund has worked hand-in-hand with frontline village health volunteers (kader), bidan (midwives) and sub-district health facilities (Puskasmas) on more than 25 islands across Indonesia, installing colourful, life-sized, easy-to-understand height charts in the homes of pregnant women and women with children under two years old, to help fight stunting. The chart is full of information related to first 1,000 days of care, but the most important thing right now is washing your hands with soap.

The more bars of soap we can get to the health centres in Flores and Komodo, and the sooner we can get them there, the better chance we have of saving lives.We are working rapidly and in constant contact with the Puskasmas in Labuan Bajo, and already have close to a tonne of soap headed their way. The team there believes that if we can get soap to the villages early enough we can keep people healthy and not overwhelm the hospital with cases, leading to potential disaster. 

We can all do our part to minimise a potential humanitarian disaster.


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