Dare to Challenge Yourself? Here The List of 5 Spookiest Destination in Southwest Asia

Dare to Challenge Yourself? Here The List of 5 Spookiest Destination in Southwest Asia
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Spoocktober is back! For all fearless and challenge enthusiasts here are five hot spots to challenge yourself, go there only if you are brave enough.

Southeast Asia always has intersecting cultures, religions, and teeming with myths and superstitions. Buddhism, Hinduism, animism, and astrology aspects are also present in Asian ghost stories where many numerous, ghosts and haunted locations appear. Then there are the five scariest destinations in Southeast Asia.

Here is the list of five spookiest destination by Visit Asia Southeast Asia travel website to accompany your spoocktober:

  1. Sathorn Tower, Bangkok, Thailand 

    Sathron Tower /
    Sathron Tower /

    Sathorn Tower is Thai 'empty building' or one of the most haunted houses in Bangkok. In the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, the 49-story Unique Tower of Sathorn collapsed. An account report the recording of scary sharp drop seen in holes and a group of stray dogs live in the basements.

  2. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore 

    Old Changi Hospital /
    Old Changi Hospital / Pinterest by Marry D

    One of Singapore's authentic haunted spots is declared to be the former Changi Hospital. In World War II, Japanese troops occupied former hospitals and used to hold prisoners of war. In the local forest, there is a very feared female spirit called Pontianak.

  3. Cheras Polyclinic, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Cheras Polyclinic /
    Cheras Polyclinic /

    Cheras Polyclinic states to be haunted spots at Malaysia, this building is a neglected hospital in Kuala Lumpur. A prestigious English academy, Victorian College once used this building. The various paranormal experiences from scary voices until the destructive student ghost reported by the students there.

  4. The Jakarta History Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Jakarta History Museum / Pinterest /
    Jakarta History Museum / Pinterest by Aleeya Embroidery

    Once upon a time, this magnificent colonial house was the Dutch government official buildings, defining back to prehistoric times. The square in front of this museum used to be a public burial place (Taman Fatahillah).

  5. Baguio City, Philippines

    Diplomat hotel in Baguio city / Pintereset
    Diplomat hotel in Baguio city / Pinterest

    Beautiful Baguio pines, mountains and waterfalls are located in Luzon. This city bombed by US allies in World War II and claimed many victims. In 1990 more than 1,600 people died in an earthquake. Baguio's rose cathedral is said to be bothered by the visions of nuns and civilians who died.

How is that? are those destinations scary enough or still can't awake your adrenaline? supernatural things will never feel bored to discuss things we need to underline is we will always live side by side with things that can't be seen with bare eyes. We also need to tolerate and not bother each other to prevent any worst scenario. Happy spoocktober!!

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