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Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement 2020

Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement 2020

An increasing number of people, particularly Americans, are moving overseas when they retire. How appealing a country is to settle down later in life often reflects its cost of living, quality of life and cultural accessibility. Retirement interest in any one country is indicative of the global perception of that nation.

The 2020 Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement, based on scores from people 45 years or older who consider themselves “upper class,” are ranked on seven attributes: affordable, favorable tax environment, friendly, is a place I would live, pleasant climate, respects property rights and has a well-developed public health system. These are the top five.

New Zealand was ranked first place for the best country for a comfortable retirement in 2020, while Australia and Switzerland follow behind. The full list is here

Best countries in Asia for retirement

Asia is an exciting continent, housing the widest range of cultures, lifestyles, and communities. However, the diversity of Asia also means some countries will be more suitable for expat retirees than others. When moving abroad as an expat, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines are the top 3. 

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