Largest Instant Noodles Companies in the World

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Largest Instant Noodles Companies in the World

Instant noodle is one of favorite simple food in the world. There are many variations such as taste, size, shape and packaging. Instant noodle products as a percentage of sales in the world increased in 2018 to reach a value of $ 42.2 billion. Then, in 2019-2024 the value is predicted to reach 5.2%, equivalent to US $ 57.5 billion. Based on the analysis from the IMARC group, instant noodle companies also carry out several innovations and experiments to make their products known and liked by consumers.

Innovations such as additional unique and booming flavors, product quality such as packaging, then adjusting the size of the noodles in the local culture of the original country such as the difference between Japanese or Korean noodles and the size in Indonesia, then there is an option for vegetarians which contains vegetables as an option and also non-vegetarian. Various ways will be made to get more customers than rival companies. Also, the choice of freezing or preservative level also affects consumers' purchasing power.

These are the best noodle companies that contribute for society:

  1. Indofood

Indofood is popular producer some instant noodles, cereals, condiments, snacks, etc. Their popular brand are IndoMie, SuperMi, SariMi, etc. This company is from Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1990.

  1. Nissin food

Nissin food is the company that concern on produce instant noodle, there are several popular brand named Cup noodles, Top-ramen, etc. This company is come from Japan in 1948.

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  1. Nestle N.A

Nestle is known as nutrition and milk products like Nescafe, Haagen dazs, Kit Kat but they also produce noodles. This company come from Vevey, Switzerland in 1866

  1. Uni-President Enterprises Corp.

Uni-President Enterprises Corp is specialist of produce food manufacturing, meat products, frozen food, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. This company established in Tainan city, Taiwan in 1967.

  1. Toyo Suisan Kaisha Ltd.

TSK is a food company that have many portfolio brand such as Cup Yakisoba, Maru-chan, Red Fox, etc. This company is from Tokyo, Japan in 1953.

  1. Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.

Tingyi manufactures food and beverages that from Tianjin, China in 1992. This company supplies instant noodles, and other process food.

  1. Ajinomoto Co. Inc.

Ajinomoto is Japanese company that established in 1909 that produces seasoning, cooking oil. The famous brand from Ajinomoto are Masako, Sam Smak, etc.

  1. Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is provide a simple food, instant noodle, baked goods. Their famous brand are Goldfish, Lance, Pacific Foods, Milano, Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Spaghettis, etc. This company is from United States in 1869.

  1. ITC Limited

ITC Limited is a business company majorly provide fast-moving consumer good, hospitality from India in 1910. Their brand names are Yippee!, Bingo, Sun bean, ITC Master Chef, etc.

  1. The Unilever Group

The group is provide with food, home care, personal care segments. The famous brands name Knorr, Liouts, Magnum, etc. This company is from United Kingdom and established in 1890s.


Those are some company that successfully expand their business around the world. There is country as representative from ASEAN countries. One of them is from Indonesia country with the famous and delicious instant noodle named IndoMie.

For you who didn’t have tried yet, just find out in Asia store. We must proud of it!


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