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Major Flooding in Manila Philippine Caused by Typhoon
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Major Flooding in Manila Philippine Caused by Typhoon

The third time Philippines hit by a typhoon in a few weeks caused a major flood in Manila on Thursday, trapped people, and took one life from another part of the country.

@dolandcastro on Twitter
@dolandcastro on Twitter

Authorities warned of landslides and a potentially deadly storm surge along the coast because the Typhoon Vamco take winds up to 155 kilometers or about 96miles per hour followed by cleaned up in Luzon overnight. Manila who has 12 million people has been shut down affected by heavy rain effectively.

@dolandcastro on Twitter
@dolandcastro on Twitter

A 53 years old, retired disaster officer in Rizal Province, Rouel Santos, said that a lot of places are submerged and many people are crying for help. He said the flooding caused by Vamco brought back the memorable Typhoon Ketsana or known as Tropical Storm Ondoy in 2009 and take hundreds of lives. The country's Office of Civil Defense said on late Wednesday, that at least one person died and three were missing in Camarines Norte province. The weather service warned a storm surged within a height of several meters along with parts of the coast, including in Manila that could inundated low-lying areas.



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