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Tirta, an adventure puzzle game in collaboration with Agate and Telkom

Tirta, an adventure puzzle game in collaboration with Agate and Telkom

Tirta, an adventure-themed puzzle game that has a mission to provide a fun, relaxing, and serene playing experience to challenge its players to explore the beauty of Bali which is the background of this game.

source: Jakarta Post

Players will be spoiled with stunning graphics, as well as characters and architecture inspired by the local culture of Indonesia, Bali.

Telkom through Oolean took the initiative to make local games that can be enjoyed and shown on an international scale. It is hoped that this game can show the fangs of Indonesian developer talents, as well as help build a game ecosystem in Indonesia.

Igor Tanzil, CMO & CCO from Agate clarified that in the Tirta game, players would be asked to interact with all the elements of the universe in the game. Like the beauty of Bali, which is known to the international community, therefore the goal of the Tirta game is to bring to the world that Indonesia has the same strong talent for game developers and the potential to create games that can be enjoyed by a large audience.


Tirta has been designed since the end of 2018, and technology began to be made in early 2019. Until now, the Tirta game is still in the early development stage, so the platform used and the release date cannot be announced.

“We’re in the pre-alpha process, indicating that it’s just 20 percent of the developing period,” Igor Tanzil, CMO and COO of Agate, said in a statement.

Cipto Adiguna, Agate’s VP of market games, addressed the difficulties of making the game. "Tirta is a new genre we're working on. In its development, we are being very careful with its pipeline creation, design, and gameplay mechanism," Cipto said.

Source: and Jakarta Post


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