Why Do Some Parfume Work for You yet for Other Don't?

Why Do Some Parfume Work for You yet for Other Don't?

Millions of fragrance bottles are sold all the time. The question is why are people ready to spend their money on a toiletry item that doesn’t even offer the plus point of cosmetic nor skincare?

The very first reason is that fragrances are strong triggers of the mood. The effect could be invisible but the reaction is real. What people smell can easily raise a mood, feeling, or memory in the people who wear the scent.

Fragrances have a thoroughly unique part of any beauty routine or grooming. Fragrances also can be used for personal enjoyment as a representative of people’s taste, and the attractiveness and all of that is happening sight unseen.

source: CNA Lifestyle
source: CNA Lifestyle


All in the Mind

The sense of smell in someones is evenly connected to the memory and emotion centers in the brain, it frequently occurs to us on a dissimilar level of our sight sense, touches sense, and or hearing sense. Low-key to leave an impression limitless of remains, and make it to be stronger in matters of seduction.

Once Olivier Polge, the house perfumer of Chanel’s said “fragrance play a very important role on emotions. When you wear a fragrance, it is like a language through which you express something of your personality, but something intimate of your personality. This is why it plays a significant role in attraction.”

Olivier Polge (source: Canadian Living)
Olivier Polge (source: Canadian Living)


"Ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk have also been widely pointed out by perfumers to have aphrodisiacal qualities."

Everybody already has their own variety of scents taste for any occasion and put them on based on the mood at the moment. However, is there one scent that can make you smell more attractive on your date?


The Scent of Romance

The case of wearing fragrance in the art of attraction already began since long time ago. Like Cleopatra, the one who was really known as a fragrance lover. She is a legendary that would fill her boats with rose petals and douse the sails in so much perfume that can seduce Mark Antony could smell her even in so miles away, also her bedchamber and rooms filled by the smell of rose petals.

The Queen of the Nile once said about favor rose, myrrh, and any spices such as cinnamon and cardamom as her most powerful point of attraction. Those scents have been identified as “sexy” scents.

Elizabeth Taylor in one of her most famous roles, Cleopatra, at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, California. (Photo: AFP/Gabriel Bouys)
Elizabeth Taylor in one of her most famous roles, Cleopatra, at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, California. (Photo: AFP/Gabriel Bouys)


Eau De You

In addition, perfumes aren’t that easily made out of a single fragrance. Instead, it is usually made up of different types of fragrances that create an amazing and interesting scent.

Polge take a stop step of recognizing fragrance types as being attractive in themselves, Polge pointed out the composition of anybody’s chemistry and the scent they used could make for a strong case for some olfactory attractiveness.

For any kind of mix and match scents maybe not be the same for anybody else, even you try to find the kind of smell on someone’s once you met them but it doesn’t make you have definitely the same scent of theirs.

Why does it could happen to you? The answer is because everybody has their own unique scent that will be connected with the perfume, produce the smell that different from one to others. Yet there isn’t a way to control your body chemistry, since it is connected by many components such as the diet you do, hormone levels, sweat, and body oils.


Getting Personal

People could have very likely scents, but do take note that other people couldn’t like your scents as you are.


“Scents are very subjective, linked to each individual’s personal background, emotions, culture, personality and their aesthetic sense” – Polge.


If when you wear musky and or spicy fragrances tent to represent the sexiness and attractiveness yet other people would like your fragrance even they could think your scent is strange.

Take a note of this, when you put on the scent you like, you are wishing to assume a link with people who are also drawn to the way it smells, and on you, exactly. Who cares what everyone else thinks?

Source : CNA Lifestyle

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