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Red Lipstick Evolution: Symbol of Empowering, Alluring and Degenerate

Red Lipstick Evolution: Symbol of Empowering, Alluring and Degenerate

Behind the elegance of Red color lipstick, it has a wonderful history. Let's take a look at how was red lipstick grown so far in our society

The suffrage marching in New York, in 1912, was given red lipstick by Elizabeth Arden. Since that red Lipstick become the symbol of woman and resistance. Author: "Red lipstick is not just powerful, it's female" featured Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Perkins Gilman are elected leaders that love red lipstick. The protesters took on the bright hue as a symbol of insubordination and independence.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, red lipstick was used by the wealthy. Red lips were used in the dark ages as a symbol of demonic amalgamation. It was associated with women's immodest and sexual immorality until lipstick popularized in the early twentieth century. Makeup is associated with this mysterious and frightening femininity.

British suffragettes popularized the colorful lip. In Europe and America, Felder noted that colorful lip represents the notion of the urban woman. The exuberant flappers of the Roaring Twenty followed after the suffragettes were wearing red lip-style. Coco Chanel, who modeled sleek silhouettes in the 1920s, popularized the style. Penguin Books publishes the Red Lip at £19.99.

Red lipstick / Pinterest
Red lipstick / Pinterest


In Britain, because taxes make lipstick expensive, women stain their lips with bee juice. U.S. factory workers Rosie the Riveter wore astonished lips. Red lipstick is an indication of patriotism and protests in Allied countries against fascism. In the face of conflict, it shows women's resilience and, in difficult times, gives a sense of normality.

Red Lipstick became mandatory in 1941 for the female US Army. Elizabeth Arden, one of the US female Army, developed lip and nail color control. Her "Montezuma Red" matches and accentuates the red piping of their uniform. After the fight, an optimistic look was added by classic Hollywood actresses like Elizabeth Taylor.

Montezuma Red US Army / Pinterest by
Montezuma Red US Army / Pinterest by


Women and men wore red lipstick in Nicaragua in 2018 and posted photos of themselves on social media to express their support for anti-government protesters' release. Nearly 10,000 people on Chilean streets came in December last year to protest against sexual harassment with black eye patches, red scarves, and red lips. Those with red lips taken the same influence as the suffrage movement a century ago, as have activists from around the world. Their legacy lives on in this bold and challenging statement of beauty.



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