5 Interesting Things of Bagus Agro Pelaga Tourism in Bali.

5 Interesting Things of Bagus Agro Pelaga Tourism in Bali.

The island of Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A lot of interesting things and culture are offer there. With understanding the culture, then protecting and caring for the environment is a shared task. Usually, foreign, and local tourists visiting the island of Bali go to the beaches, mountains and modern cities. Currently, there is another option, namely agro-tourism.

Bagus Agro
©Bagus Agro

What is Agro-tourism?

Agro-tourism is a tourism activity that involves the use of agricultural land or related facilities (for example, silos and stables) which attract tourists. Agro-tourism has various variations, such as corn mazes, fruit picking tours, feeding livestock, to restaurants on the sea.

Bagus Agro Pelaga is one of the agro-tourism destinations in Bali, which is located in Pelaga Village, Badung, agro-tourism. This destination is suitable for family and friends. Here are five interesting things from the Bagus Agro Pelaga destination.

  1. Green natural scenery
Green nature view
Green nature view ©

Located in Pelaga village which is at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level, Bagus Agro Pelaga offers a green and beautiful natural view. The combination of fresh mountain air and beautiful panoramas make this agro-tourism the right place to refresh the mind.

  1. Outdoor camping
Camping session ©

Not only are there villas for living, but there is also an outdoor area for camping. This activity is usually carried out by young people who have an adventure spirit. The scenery at night is no less beautiful, namely star-gazing.

  1. See the beauty of Nungnung Waterfall
Waterfall NungNung
Waterfall NungNung ©

This beautiful Nungnung waterfall is located close to Agro, which is full of greenery and nature, only takes 15 minutes. The tourists can walk and pass the stairs that have been provided.

  1. A plantation area where you can pick fruit
Pick fruit
Pick fruit ©

Bagus Agro Palaga becomes place for many kinds of plants. There are so many activities that tourists can see, such as planting, nurseries, and how to care for plants. Even if it's the fruit harvest season, tourists can pick fruit on the trees.

  1. Making LakLak cakes from Bali and making coffee
cofee bean
Coffee bean ©

Culinary cannot be missed at every visit. As is well known, this area produces coffee beans and provides an opportunity for tourists to to be able to make drinks from coffee.

Besides, visitors can enjoy and at the same time make a traditional cake from Bali called LakLak. Cake made from flour and then given green coloring. Usually sprinkled with grated coconut or brown sugar.

LakLak cake
LakLak cake ©

Vacationing in the plantation area is very interesting than usual. Traveling while trying new things can create a pleasant feeling. Therefore, just come and prove it.

Source : IDN Times

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