Tokyo Pop Up Mask Store Lures Shoppers with Festive Face Coverings

Tokyo Pop Up Mask Store Lures Shoppers with Festive Face Coverings

As a new surge in Tokyo's coronavirus infection, the Christmas shoppers with over 250 types of face masks and festive versions with decorative light, are attracted by a new pop up shop near Japan's capital.

Tokyo Mask Land has a mask-bar and offers mask-making workshops to draw visitors, which opened on Tuesday for one month in an office building in Yokohama.

Source: Tokyo Weekender
Source: Tokyo Weekender

People in Japan often wore face masks prior to the pandemic, especially during the winter flu season and during cedar and cypress pollen triggers hay fever during the Spring season.

It is unusual to see somebody in Tokyo without a mask, even outside, although no law mandates wearing them.

The shop also plans an exhibit on the history of face coverings and a photo booth with Christmas trees and a mannequin dressed up as Santa Claus.

Ryota Nabetani, 23, who was shopping for masks with his mother, said about the photo spot, "I don't think you would come up with an idea like this if there had been no coronavirus outbreak."

Although far less frequent than in the United States and Europe, Tokyo's authorities held a shortening of opening times last week as coronavirus infections had recently risen.

The capital of Japan announced 372 new cases on Tuesday on the 7th day just above 300, according to public broadcaster NHK.

A spokesman assured us that steps had been taken to ensure that customers did not catch the coronavirus during shopping for masks.

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