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An Investigation by Scientist: What’s The Best Type of Mask for COVID-19 Protection?

Annisa Firdausy12 months ago
During the pandemic of COVID-19 wearing face masks has become our part of daily life. Hence, they need to be ...

New ‘Batik Tambal’ Design for Garuda Indonesia Airplane

Mohamad Ramdhanone year ago
Garuda Indonesia comeback with new collaboration. In this chance, they are bring Batik Timbal to remember wearing mask campaign ...

Tokyo Pop Up Mask Store Lures Shoppers with Festive Face Coverings

Yunia Anindyaone year ago
As a new surge in Tokyo's coronavirus infection, the Christmas shoppers with over 250 types of face masks and festive ...

Mask : A New Fashion Statement

Dini Sarione year ago
In this era in which we have to deal living with coronavirus, masks become something important on a daily basis. ...