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Mask : A New Fashion Statement
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Mask : A New Fashion Statement

In this era in which we have to deal living with coronavirus, masks become something important on a daily basis. It is impossible to see people with no masks since it becomes an obligation. Going back to the era when there was no coronavirus, a mask was mostly used by the health workers only. This pandemic unconsciously turns the mask into a fashion statement in view of the reality that a mask is something that has to be used.

source : nydailynews
source : nydailynews

The online survey Statistics Indonesia (BPS) done from 7 to 14 September and involving 90,967 participants across the island also tends to confirm this trend, with 92 percent of those surveyed wearing masks in public. The findings of the BPS survey also revealed that the overall national compliance was higher for wearing masks than for the other two health protocols, hand washing, and physical distancing.

The reality of using a mask as a daily need leads to the production of so many various kinds of masks. Not only the medical masks, yet fashionable masks, which also follow the health protocols, also produced. This phenomenon helps a lot in maintaining businesses afloat during the economic fallout. Not only helping the business sector, yet it also helps the wearer to get easier to do their mix and match with their outfits since medical mask sometimes doesn’t suit their outfits.

In view of this, there are so many Indonesian designers and labels that have been producing masks. They intentionally do a collaboration with artists, selebgram, or even celebrities to promote the mask. The purpose of producing the mask is mainly to keep the wearer safe yet still fashionable.

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Source : The Jakarta Post


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