New ‘Batik Tambal’ Design for Garuda Indonesia Airplane

New ‘Batik Tambal’ Design for Garuda Indonesia Airplane
Garuda Indonesia airplane
 © Garuda 


In this unpredictable condition, the entire world have to face the pandemic COVID-19. Indonesia is one of the country who fight for save Indonesian people. Garuda Indonesia as the largest and most sophisticated airline has implemented health protocols that have been determined by the government. The health protocol established by the Indonesian government is called 3M. Menjaga jarak (physical distancing), Mencuci tangan (hand-washing) and Memakai masker (mask-wearing). This application is important because planes carry a variety of passengers from different areas.

Program of Indonesia's Government
Program of Indonesia's Government  ©

'Batik Timbal' image is placed at the very front of the plane, adjusting to the existing theme and vision. The theme developed was named Bersama membangun masa depan bangsa (Developing the Nation’s Future Together”). Promotions in accordance with government plans that comply with health protocols and are installed on aircraft to inspire the wider community to keep wearing masks while traveling. Irfan's Boeing 777-300ER in collaboration with the original 'Batik Tambal' from Yogyakarta. This design was done by Johana Angelia Christian who was the fourth winner in a competition called "Fly Your Design Through the Sky" in period October 2020. Even though the theme is about protocol COVID-19 pandemic, but this design is still contain Indonesia culture.

Garuda Indonesia Airplane livery Batik Timbal
Garuda Indonesia Airplane livery Batik Timbal  ©

In this competition, Garuda Indonesia was collaboration with Pertamina. This collaboration is to push many people wearing mask. Pertamina's participation in this program was a form of Pertamina's support for the COVID-19 prevention campaign in a unique and interesting way.

Irfan Setiaputra as main director of Garuda Indonesia
Irfan Setiaputra as main director of Garuda Indonesia  ©

Irfan as the main director of Garuda Indonesia would like to thank the public for their high enthusiasm to help government to convey the slogan “Wearing Mask!” through collaboration and creativity poured out on the Garuda aircraft livery.

“As the national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia has always been committed to supporting the government’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. One way we do that is by encouraging people to wear masks,” said Irfan.

Apart from Pertamina, Garuda Indonesia has also collaborated with Artha Graha Peduli and Pigeon Express Cargo. They made three previously launched mark livery designs with the themes of Indonesia Pride, Flying High and Staying Protected, and Sekar Jagat Nusantara.

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