Learning Pancasila as the Ideology of Indonesia Country through Animation by RANS Entertainment

Learning Pancasila as the Ideology of Indonesia Country through Animation by RANS Entertainment
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RANS Entertainment is one of the family channels with the largest digital category on YouTube from two well-known celebrities in Indonesia.

Raffi Ahmad dan Nagita Slavina
Raffi Ahmad dan Nagita Slavina

What is RANS?

RANS is a combination of the celebrity's name as well as the CEO of this channel. RA means Raffi Ahmad and NS means Nagita Slavina. Their wedding party was broadcast on several national televisions wearing Javanese and Sundanese traditional ceremonies.

RANS is produce entertaining content such as video blog in daily activities, holiday trip, and then child segment with represent by their son named Rafathar or usually he called as 'Aa' means Boy from Sundanese culture.

During the time, if we look up to their history, they are the example of Indonesian Celebrities who care and influence good things to the next generation through their content on YouTube. Therefore, RANS is collaboration with Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila (BPIP) or Pancasila Ideology Development Agency to produce Animation series called 'Lorong Waktu Si Aa' or 'Time Tunnel by Aa'. So, this animation is starring Rafathar and his Parents,RANS.


The story in this animation is different from other animation stories. The difference is indicated by the invitation of Indonesian children to understand the value of Pancasila. Because in this modern and global era, many children more like west product of animation which brings foreign value rather than to know the Indonesian figures such as heroes, history, the presidents and many regional cultures which appeared in this animation series. So that RANS and BPIP make an approach through animation which is considered to be enjoyed for a long time, then across generation both young and old can enjoy it. Introducing the Value of Pancasila to young generation is considered important, therefore Mr. Jokowi as an Indonesian President supports and stars in this animation.

For those who want to watch the animation and learning together, please  click here.

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