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Safety Index 2021 : Southeast Asia Capital Cities

Safety Index 2021 : Southeast Asia Capital Cities

Many people coming from relatively safe countries tend to underestimate the importance of personal safety. For example, this is often the primary reason for Latin America ‘s wealthiest to relocate. Many things can kill or hurt you, not only a man with a gun. Many deaths are related to negligence or lack of advanced social structures. In China, for example, the homicide rate is low, but deaths from falling, traffic accidents, or natural disasters are very high.

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On top of the ranking are found cities with very small population sizes, with Singapore being the exception and the city that gets the most credit out of our rankings. European cities dominate most of the rankings, with cities in Asia holding a strong place as well. Statistically speaking, most deaths are caused and/or suffered by young people. The countries with low birth rates and older populations tend to be safer. The exceptions to that are Oman, Bahrain and the UAE, but all Middle Eastern cities suffer from a high number of deaths on the road.

This ranking is compiled and measured from several different safety elements. Homicide Rates were taken from the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crimes. For missing data, the information was taken from the regional police department statistics.

Kidnapping by NYA International

Security risk & Political risk were taken from the Risk Control Annual Risk Map

Fragility Score is compiled by the Igarapé Institute.

World Risk Index by United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security

Numbeo safety index Numbeo

Global Peace Index by Vision of Humanity

The STC Safety Index is provided by Stephane Tajick Consulting.


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