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The Cities in the World With the Most Vegan Options

The Cities in the World With the Most Vegan Options

 Increasing awareness levels regarding climate change and animal welfare, along with other factors such as personal health, are continuing to drive people to embrace veganism. Once a fringe movement, it is now firmly mainstream, something that is being reflected by increasing vegan options in restaurants and supermarkets. Some cities are more vegan-friendly than others, and a recent report shows the places with the most options for people on a plant-based diet.

The Vegan Word analysed vegan listings website Happycow. It came up with a list of the cities with the most vegan restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants as of January 2021. Asian tourist hot spots ranked highest, with Chiang Mai and Phuket in Thailand and Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali, making up the top 3. Two U.S. cities - Portland and Salt Lake City - also rank among the top 8, as are two European ones, Portuguese capital Lisbon and English seaside resort Brighton.

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The makers of the study acknowledge that theirs isn't the only way to measure how vegan-friendly food options are in a given city, as the methodology doesn't capture vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants as well as the general suitedness of different local cuisines for vegans. A 2019 analysis of Tripadvisor listings of vegan-friendly restaurants by travel website Hayes & Jarvis named Irish capital Dublin the most vegan-friendly city, followed by Phuket and Amsterdam.


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