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A Johor-based bus manufacturer wins a deal to provide 140 electric school buses to the United States

A Johor-based bus manufacturer wins a deal to provide 140 electric school buses to the United States

Gemilang International Ltd (Gemilang International) plans to deliver 140 completely electric school buses to California, US, in 2022 as it continues to encourage the use of environmentally-friendly solutions for buses and bus bodies.

Gemilang International, based in Johor, Malaysia, has been designing and manufacturing bus bodies and assembling buses for over 30 years. Gemilang International. The IMBRT, Sarawak's first electric city bus for the Kuching Metro, and an electric bus pilot project by the Sabah government are some of its recent significant initiatives.

It's been 13 years already since Gemilang International has supplied aluminum buses to Go KL, Rapid KL, Rapid Penang, and MRT feeders.

When the industry was still dominated by fossil fuel driven vehicles, the Hong Kong listed business stated it has been delivering electric buses to the United States since 2016.
Pang Chong Yong, chairman and CEO of Gemilang International, said that the company has been supplying bus bodies for BYD and CRRC to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia since 2015, and he expects more countries to follow suit as governments around the world make more and more climate change mitigation commitments.

As a result, the business has received the biggest single order of EV school buses ever, with 120 12m-long school buses and 20 7.5m-long school buses, for a total of 180 vehicles.
According to Pang, there is a vast and rapidly expanding EV school bus market in the United States. Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) signed by US President Joe Biden, pledging $2.5 billion to purchase electric school buses for districts throughout the United States, is the reason for this development.

As a result of the new goal to convert all 500,000 school buses in the United States to zero-emission cars, we are certain that we will be able to win greater market share," he said.

Using aluminum body solutions for more than two decades, Gemilang International specializes in ecologically friendly bus and bus body construction.

Customers from more than 15 countries across the globe have validated the Swiss-made, lightweight, corrosion-free technology we use. I am glad that we have been able to increase our presence in the US market since our buses often last longer and are considered safer than their steel-bodied competitors," said Pang.

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