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Russia considers joining AFC (Asian Football Confederation) following UEFA ban

Russia considers joining AFC (Asian Football Confederation) following UEFA ban

In light of UEFA's decision to ban Russia from European competition, the Russian Football Union (RFS) is considering joining the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

As Nobel Arustamyan, a Russian sports writer, says, "The decision to switch from Russian Football League to Russian Football Federation (RFS) is being considered."

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, FIFA banned Russia's national team from international competition, while UEFA also expelled Russia's local teams from the Champions League and other European competitions.

In Qatar on Thursday, FIFA is having a meeting to decide on long-term penalties against the RFS.
Because of this, the RFS is now considering permanently exiting European football, according to Russian journalist Nobel Arustamyan. They're said to be considering leaving UEFA and joining the Asian Football Confederation instead, according to reports (AFC).

Asian Champions League instead of UEFA Champions League and AFC Cup instead of Europa League are the suggested alternatives for Russia's local teams.

If it's materialized, Russia will no longer play in European Championships or European World Cup qualifying, but rather in Asian competition, according to a source. This change would "soften the circumstances surrounding Russian football," according to the article. In addition, Russian teams would no longer compete in the Champions League and Europa League, but instead in the Asian Champions Cup.


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