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The countries with the largest smartphone markets in the world

The countries with the largest smartphone markets in the world

The countries with the largest smartphone markets in the world.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that occurred in early 2020, Mobile World Congress 2021 was one of the first big tech events to be cancelled. However, it was also one of the first events to bring back in-person participants in June/July 2021, although at a reduced capacity. Pre-pandemic attendance at this industry trade fair generally hovers around 100,000, but last year's hybrid edition had 20,000 in-person participants in addition to 100,000 daily viewers of the virtual activities. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of tourists would make their way to Barcelona for this year's event, which will be themed "Connectivity Unleashed." The event will return to its pre-pandemic schedule and structure this year.

We're also taking a look at the world's major smartphone markets at this week's Mobile World Congress, which is displaying the newest developments in mobile technology. According to Newzoo's projections, China is well ahead of all other nations in terms of smartphone usage, with more than a billion users. Because it has more than 950 million users, the Chinese market dwarfs the combined markets of India, the United States, and Indonesia. This demonstrates why it is critical for firms like Apple to cater to the demands of Chinese customers.

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