Asia's most and least powerful passports

Asia's most and least powerful passports

The initial rankings for 2022 have been issued by Henley & Partners, and Japan and Singapore are both at the top.

The Asian superpowers have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 192 countries, albeit this does not include all of the travel restrictions imposed by the ongoing epidemic.

Singapore and Japan are tied for first place in the world's most powerful passports as of the beginning of Q4 2021.

Following Singapore, Malaysia has the strongest Southeast Asian passport, with 179 visa-free destinations. Brunei (166 destinations), Thailand (79), Indonesia (71), the Philippines (65), Cambodia (53), and Myanmar (50) round up the rest of the index (46).

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Germany and South Korea are tied for second position with 190 points each. Depending on how the rankings are interpreted, Australia is tied for seventh place with Canada, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta.

The typical suspect – Afghanistan – is at the bottom. Only 26 countries are visa-free for citizens of this country. The bottom three are made up of Iraq and Syria.

The Henley Passport Index measures 199 passports and 227 travel destinations using data from the International Air Transport Association.

The Index was initially released 17 years ago and is a summary of the most recent findings. Since then, there has been a rising discrepancy in travel access.



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