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Catching up with the maker of the most beautiful tempeh in the world
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Catching up with the maker of the most beautiful tempeh in the world

Perhaps calling Putri Gremmer's tempeh the most beautiful in the world is a stretch. However, take a look at those "marble" tempeh! It's both aesthetic visually also colorful.

Tempeh is a well-known Indonesian delicacy. It's more than simply food; it's a sense of belonging.

"I was born eating tempeh," Gremmer stated, quoting

She was raised in a family that only ate meat once or twice a year on the Indonesian island of Bintan.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Photo Courtesy of Putri Gremmer

She looked for tempeh everywhere when she and her husband relocated to Grenada, a Caribbean country, for his job, but there was none on the island. As a result, she began to make her own to sell locally.

“In the beginning, people I talked to about tempeh weren’t keen to try it,” she explains. “They didn’t even know it was fermented or made with fungus. So I thought I’d add Caribbean colors and flavors to make it more appealing.” 

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Photo Courtesy of @tempehgrenada

She then branded it with Putri Tempeh Grenada. Gremmer also participated in Tempe Movement's World Tempeh Month on June 7, 2021.

Gremmer and tempeh have a particular place in my heart. It's more than a company to her; it's a way for her to stay connected to her homeland of Indonesia. The best part about her tempeh is that she made it with multicolored beans that are high in numerous nutrients.

Gremmer manufactures pure white chickpea tempeh wheels studded with black rice and pressed with flower petals. She also creates a checkerboard of orange and purple sweet potato tempeh, as well as millet, sunflower seed, and green lentil mosaics.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Photo Courtesy of @tempehgrenada

Gremmer only makes classic soybean tempeh if she receives a particular request. Instead, she makes 100 pounds of black bean, chickpea, and split pea tempeh each month, as well as unique flavors like peanut tempeh with pandan extract.

Gremmer puts out a sad sigh over the phone with after telling them about this peanut variation. “It’s something else,” she says with an audible smile. “It’s naturally sweet, then you ferment, which brings a little acid. It’s just incredible. I dip it in hazelnut spread or tahini for a dessert. Oh my God, it’s perfect.”

Gremmer hasn't yet discovered the limit to tempeh's versatility. “You know what you should try at home,” she adds, almost in a whisper. “Make hummus with chickpea tempeh. It’s incredible.”

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)
Photo Courtesy of @tempehgrenada

Gremmer's aim is to have her own workshop after manufacturing beautiful and colorful tempeh since 2018.

"My hope is that tempeh is more well known and helping other people to have easy access to real fresh-made tempeh. Not those bitter store-bought commercial tempeh that you find in the supermarket (I referred this to the outside of Indonesia)."

"The more people making their own food and cooking their own food, the better and sustained it gets. And good food always starts from scratch." 

If you're interested in seeing Gremmer's tempeh, follow them on Instagram @tempehgrenada.



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