Nostalgia! Some of the Ancient Technology in Southeast Asia

Nostalgia! Some of the Ancient Technology in Southeast Asia

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1. Ancient Rockets (known as Bang Fai) of Lao and Tai-Isan, Northeastern Thailand, and Laos in The Bun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival), The festival is believed to bring ample rain to the villages during the planting season.

Countless villages and municipalities in the areas of Northeastern Thailand and Laos historically hold the Rocket Festival (Boun Bang Fai), a merit-making ritual, close to the start of the wet season.

Huge bottle rockets made of black powder are known as Bang Fai skyrockets. Small bottle rockets get their name from the fact that they may be launched from a bottle.

The "bottle" in the similar-looking Bang Fai, also written "Bong Fai," is actually a bong, a piece of bamboo stalk used only informally as a pipe for smoking marijuana.


2. Ancient Rockets of Pa-O, Shan State, Myanmar in The Pwe Lu-Phaing (Fire Rocket Festival), An annual call for plentiful rains and a chance for a windfall of cash.

Once a year, La Mine village hosts the Pa'O tribal festival, also known as the Fire Rocket Festival.

The Pwe Lu-Phaing, or fire rocket, celebration is thought to have been conducted for almost 400 years, yet nobody, not even the locals, can give a clear account of its specific origins.

It is frequently commemorated for the success of the Stupa's Alm food distribution program or as a ritual for good weather in the area. The festival is being hosted around the nation in addition to the Shan State.


3. Ancient Cannon (known as Bleduran) of Betawi, Indonesia in the Month of Ramadan

Children from the Betawi tribe used to play the Bleduran game every Ramadan. The Dutch fighting cannons used during colonial times served as an inspiration for the game Bleduran, also known as the Sundut Cannon. Due to the game's very high level of risk, teenage boys to adults typically play it.

During the fasting month, the playing period is often from after the tarawih prayer till just before daybreak. Explosives are inserted into the base of the mix, which is positioned slanted about 10–20 cm above the ground, in order to play.

The end of the bleduran barrel is then covered with a moist cloth to prevent the release of carbide or kerosene vapor. Before burning the hood with fire, it is covered with a finger or another covering tool for one to five minutes to increase the sound.

A used bamboo petung with a diameter of 10 to 17 cm and a length of roughly 1 meter with multiple segments is required as equipment to play bleduran. The first section does not have a hole on purpose.

As a place to burn explosives, such as carbide or kerosene, the second and third segments have two barrel-shaped apertures with a width of 10 centimeters and 1 centimeter.



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