Meet the Top 10 Happiest Holiday Destinations 2022

Meet the Top 10 Happiest Holiday Destinations 2022

After combining information from the 50 most popular tourist destinations, Club Med revealed its list of the top 10 tourism destinations in the globe.

The survey evaluated each city on a scale of 0-100 based on nine metrics: crime, safety, pollution, cost of domestic beers, outdoor activities, day trips, spa and wellness facilities, and overall satisfaction.

All three locations reached the top 10 list as a result of the variety of activities they provide for guests to enjoy.

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The survey determined the world's happiest vacation spots for 2022, and the study discovered that Bali was the top choice for travelers seeking a joyful, stress-free escape. Bali won because of its outstanding spas and wellness facilities and fantastic outdoor activities, making it the ideal destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Following Bali, the top 5 destinations were Las Vegas, New Orleans, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, each of which provided visitors with a distinctive experience and put their happiness first. If you're looking for an adventure, Las Vegas is the place to go with more than 40 outdoor activities.

Europe is a terrific choice if you're looking for the vacation spot that will make you the happiest, with two locations making the top 5. Amsterdam in particular had the greatest safety rating of our top 5 locations, but they also had the most expensive pints, so if you're looking for Dutch courage, expect to pay an average of £5.05 per draught.

These are the final scores that Club Mad gathered for the happy index score:

- Bali, Indonesia - 73.7
- Las Vegas, Nevada - 67.1
- New Orleans, United States - 67.1
- Barcelona, Spain - 66.6
- Amsterdam, Netherlands - 64.6
- Budapest, Hungary - 61.5
- Vancouver, Canada - 59.5
- San Francisco, United States - 58.5
- Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 56.3
- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 55.9



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