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Flag Color Schemes of 5 Southeast Asian Countries

Flag Color Schemes of 5 Southeast Asian Countries

A flag is the identity of a country, a flag is not just a piece of cloth with color, but has a deep meaning than that. A meaning contained in the philosophy and unique story behind the origin of the color of the flag in aspects of life.

The flag must have its own historical value for the nation itself, as an identity or symbol of the country, of course, the use of this flag has its own rules.

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The flag of Malaysia is called the Flag of the Glorious Path, patterned with 14 red and white stripes (lanes).  The red color symbolizes courage, the white color symbolizes chastity, the yellow color in the moon and star  is the color for the most noble Duli-duli kings, the blue color symbolizes the fusion of the Malaysian people.


The flag of Thailand is called "Thong Trairong" or the tricolor flag. The Flag of Thailand has five horizontal lanes with successive colors such as red, white, blue, white, and red. The red color represents the state and nation, the white color represents religion, and the blue color represents the king.


The Flag of Indonesia is called "Sang Saka Merah Putih", the colors red and white have their own meaning and philosophy for the Indonesian nation. The red color symbolizes courage, while the white color symbolizes chastity. In addition, red and white is also described as an element of human creation, red means soil and white means sky.


The red on the flag symbolizes equality and a sense of unity among all Singaporeans. The white color on the flag represents a sense of purity and virtue. The crescent moon is used to symbolize a young, developed country. The five stars symbolize the principles held by Singapore which are democracy, security, progress, justice, equality.


The yellow color represents the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam's personal flag, the red color represents the country's flag, the color of black, and the white color represents the highest ministers of Brunei Darussalam. The flag, the royal umbrella, the wings, two arms, and the crescent moon are the five main components of the coat of arm.


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