The Best "Panoramic-View" Train Journeys in Asia. You Should Try it! (Part 2)

The Best "Panoramic-View" Train Journeys in Asia. You Should Try it! (Part 2)

Other types of travel could be excused for declining given the easy availability and affordable airfare options offered to travelers today. But with all the advantages it provides, rail travel seems to be a trend that will stay indefinitely.

Adventurers of all stripes are drawn to the opportunity to view untamed wilderness combined with remote settlements and enormous landscapes from the comfort of a designated place aboard a roaring metal steed.

Train travel is a common and well-liked choice when it comes to racking up the miles, whether it's in a contemporary, streamlined version of the centuries-old way of transportation or a rusty carriage spilling a rich history. Ten of the top trips in Asia are listed below.

Bandung to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Java is the most naturally beautiful and culturally significant of all the Indonesian islands. The railways connecting Java's major towns and cities are modern, pleasant, and far faster than using the island's clogged roadways.

Train travel in Java is highly democratic and a terrific chance to interact with the locals. While any rail trip on Java will give you a view into a variety of landscapes, we highly suggest taking the train between Bandung and Yogyakarta, Java's cultural center, or Kutoarjo, the entrance to the Dieng Plateau. The train ride from Bandung to Kutoarjo is a part of our Wonders of Sumatra and Java itinerary.

Bangkok To Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The Bangkok to Kanchanaburi train takes tourists to a picturesque town with a tragic past in a quick, three-hour trip. It is quite close to the "Death Railway," which was built in Kanchanaburi during World War Two using the forced labor of allied prisoners of war. The ghosts of those prisoners still roam the city today.

This path passes via a portion of the Death Railway, which includes the 1957 movie's fabled Bridge on the River Kwai. Being in the vicinity of such crimes might be terrifying, but also serves as a timely reminder of the suffering this part of the globe has undergone and how far we have come.



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