Top Places in Southeast Asia to Study Abroad 2022. One of The Best in The World!

Top Places in Southeast Asia to Study Abroad 2022. One of The Best in The World!

10,000 students from 181 countries who are considering studying abroad participated in this year's international student survey. generated education rankings of the top 10 Asian nations to study abroad in 2022 based on the most popular justifications for studying abroad, as ranked by students who place a higher priority on choosing the ideal destination nation than a program or school. Surprisingly, four of them is Southeast Asia countries

For each of these 7 factors, the rankings of the top universities in Asia are based on numerous data indicators:

- High-quality teaching
- Achieving career goals
- Personal development
- Culture and lifestyle
- Opportunities to network or make new friends
- Language learning
- Adventure


Ranked #9 in Asia
Ranked #31 in The World
Opportunities to Network or Make New Friends Ranked #3 in Asia
Language Learning Ranked #1 in Asia

Indonesia is one of the greatest Asian nations for foreign students who want to experience the natural beauty, as it is home to more than 17,000 islands and a fifth of the world's coral reefs.

Get aboard a boat to see wild Komodo dragons, trek Mount Bromo at daybreak, or go diving in a historic shipwreck filled with unusual marine life. The islands are covered in numerous elaborate temples, including Borobudur, the biggest Buddhist temple in the entire world.

Love colorful spices and fresh herbs in your food? For nasi goreng and satay that will enliven your taste buds, visit a warung. Alternately, savor a cup of smooth Indonesian coffee.

Indonesia, the second-most linguistically varied country in the world with 700 languages spoken there, is also the greatest country in Asia to learn a new language, according to our study. So grab your swimsuit and start your journey to a bright future at one of Indonesia's many top colleges.


Ranked #6 in Asia
Ranked #28 in The World
Adventure Ranked #6 in Asia
Achieving Career Goals Ranked #2 in The World

Singapore's ethnic, linguistic, and cultural variety provide for a genuinely worldwide experience. Admire the variety of architecture, which includes sustainable green buildings, modern Art Deco, and traditional shophouses from the Peranakan era, while you cool off under futuristic vertical gardens that shade the area's renown clean streets.

Similar diversity and a genuine passion for food can be found in Singapore's culinary scene. 48 of the city's numerous top-notch eateries have at least one Michelin star; alternatively, try the local specialties of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine at hawker centers like the Lau Pa Sat.

Getting ready to launch a career? Despite having four official languages—English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil—the corporate sector is dominated by English, propelling Singapore to the top of the list of the best Asian nations for foreign students to pursue their career aspirations.

Singapore is a no-brainer for employees and students alike because to its competitive salaries, excellent working conditions, world-class universities, and thriving economy.


Ranked #5 in Asia
Ranked #27 in the world
Culture and Lifestyle Ranked #7 in The World
Adventure Ranked #3 in Asia

Would you like to reside in a beautiful, sunny paradise? Due to almost everything about this country, Thailand is one of the most popular Asian destinations for travel and international studies.

Visit one of the 40,000 exquisite Buddhist temples, unwind on the tranquil beaches of Koh Phangan and Krabi, observe elephants sauntering through the jungle in Khao Yai National Park, and explore historic archeological sites in Sukhothai and Kamphaeng Phet.

Make a city like Bangkok your base of operations for a ton of activities, secret shops, and affordable nightlife. For a taste of fragrant pad thai, tom yam goong, and massaman curry, follow your nose to street sellers.

Thailand has something for everyone, whether they are searching for a tranquil yoga retreat in Pai, wild nights out in Phuket, or world-class diving in the Surin Islands. When you're surrounded by friendly natives from Thailand and a multicultural mix of individuals from across the world, you'll never feel alone.


Ranked #4 in Asia
Ranked #23 in The World
Opportunities to Network or Make New Friends Ranked #6 in the world
Language Learning Ranked #2 in Asia

Malaysia is a fascinating and diversified country that shares a land and maritime border with numerous other Southeast Asian countries.

Are you a city slicker at heart? You can keep yourself busy in Kuala Lumpur. Look up for views of the Jamek Mosque and Thean Hou Temple from the observation deck of Menara Kuala Lumpur, and try some Nasi Kandar from a local street vendor at the Hutong market or on Alor Street. Admire the temples made of limestone that have been carved into the cliffs of the nearby Batu Caves.

The thriving Chinatown in Penang, where you can find traditional Chinese food, is closer than you may imagine. More of a lover of nature? Trek through lush tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands, or climb Mount Kinabalu to take in the region's astounding biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Malaysia tops the list of the greatest Asian nations for language learning as well. English is a widely used second language alongside Malay, Chinese, and Tamil, so there are no language barriers and it's simple to blend in with the welcoming natives. 



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