Underrated! These 6 Locations Are the Top Destinations in 2023 to Unwind

Underrated! These 6 Locations Are the Top Destinations in 2023 to Unwind

Another strong desire was sparked by the pandemic: many travelers now just want to take a long break due to the stress of working from home and homeschooling their children while using Zoom.

Islands like Jamaica and the Caribbean's Dominica are ideal places to relax, according to Lonely Planet. For 2023, the former is at the top of the Lonely Planet' ranking.

The summer is just a chance for us to spend more time with our kids, immerse them, and give them the experience of living somewhere where being a part of another place can change and transform you.

The summer of "revenge tourism" in 2022 may have given the impression that Europe is overrun with tourists, but Malta, another place to "unwind," is a lesser-known treasure with a climate similar to Italy's and a terrain similar to the Middle East.

Raja Ampat, an Indonesian archipelago, may be one of the last remaining paradises on Earth in Asia. This area, which lies in the nation's West Papua Province, is well-known for ecotourism and is the site of an enormously successful coral restoration effort.

The ideal location is described as "expected but unexpected" by Lonely Planet.

That might include traveling alone to a place none of your friends have been before, like Guyana or Malta. It could entail selecting a less popular area within a preferred destination, such as Marseille rather than Paris or Fukuoka rather than Tokyo. The 30 locations on the list for 2023 include all four of the locations.

As early as April, editors from Lonely Planet start putting together the list. They urge their vast global network of contributors to submit suggestions for places they think ought to be on the list.

After then, editors at Lonely Planet HQ start to investigate further, examine their sources, and reduce the possibilities until it is published in November.

The format of the 2023 edition differs slightly from that of other years. The places are divided into five categories: eat, study, journey, unwind, and connect—rather than being simply listed.

"This year, we wanted to try something new and we wanted to reflect the way that we saw travelers looking for travel, which was about the destination, but also about the experience," explains Nitya Chambers, executive editor and senior vice president of content at Lonely Planet.

Those who enjoy street cuisine should visit Kuala Lumpur under the 'Eat' category. Nasi lemak, the unofficial national dish of Malaysia, Penang-style curries, and Peranakan classics like fish maw soup are all easily accessible in the capital.

So, are you interested to take some rest in these underrated places? Just go ahead and grab your passport!


Source: CNN Travel 

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