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Underrated! These 6 Locations Are the Top Destinations in 2023 to Unwind

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Raja Ampat, an Indonesian archipelago, may be one of the last remaining paradises on Earth in Asia. ...

Indonesia Started 5G Mining, The First in Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi7 months ago
PT Freeport Indonesia's labor safety and productivity have increased thanks to the 5G Smart Mining technology, which provides automation and remote control. ...

Surprisingly! Indonesia Has The Wettest Place on Earth

Dini Yasyi7 months ago
Marker post Mile 50, located on a treacherous mining road in Papua's mist-covered Central HIghlands, is about to challenge two long-reigning Indian champions for ...

Indonesian Dishes You May Never Tasted Before

Adli Hazmi5 years ago
Indonesian food, hmm… many people will always think about Nasi Goreng (fried rice) or Rendang, no wonder people abroad knew ...