Indonesia Started 5G Mining, The First in Southeast Asia

Indonesia Started 5G Mining, The First in Southeast Asia

PT Freeport Indonesia's labor safety and productivity have increased thanks to the 5G Smart Mining technology, which provides automation and remote control.

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The first in the area. The first 5G Underground Smart Mining application in Southeast Asia was released by Telkomsel and PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI). The mining sectors in Indonesia are moving toward automation, digitization, and remote work thanks to this game-changing technology.

President Joko Widodo officially launched the use of 5G Underground Smart Mining technology on Thursday, January 9, at the PTFI mine operation area in Tembaga Pura, Timika, Papua.

Telkomsel's 5G Underground Smart Mining technology gives PTFI the ability to enhance mining security, implement artificial intelligence, design effective and efficient mining operations, and reduce environmental effects.

The president was pleased that this newest technology was operated by domestic human resources, notably those from Papua region, after reviewing its utilization at the Grasberg mining site controlled by PT Freeport Indonesia.

This most recent technology underwent verification and testing procedures in PTFI's mines prior to deployment. They conducted months of testing to find the best solutions and, most importantly, to guarantee workplace safety.

At PTFI, 5G mining technology is implemented through network and infrastructure upgrades, as well as the creation of a mobile edge computing platform. This makes it possible to remotely operate machinery and even underground mining trucks thanks to technology. Even above the surface of the ground, control is feasible.

By maximizing the usage of cameras, 5G technology also gives PTFI the chance to monitor and lower the danger of workplace accidents.

It is believed that the use of 5G network technology will make it easier to conduct operations in remote areas. The most cutting-edge network technology, 5G, can be tailored to support efficient operations in outlying areas with particular geographical and connection issues.

Smart mining is a concept in technology that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies to advance mining operations. Low latency is one of the benefits of using smart mining powered by 5G, which makes it easier to monitor processes in real-time and enabling data integration.

After that, quicker network connection enables businesses to employ real-time data utilization and accelerate decision-making. And last, expanded network coverage and increased wireless device capacity, which should lead to more efficient mining operations.

The future of 5G Underground Smart Mining includes all corporate processes, including research, mining, processing, storage, and shipping, rather than just field operations. In fact, it opens up new opportunities for use cases like manufacturing performance monitoring, remote blasting, asset and employee monitoring, drone surveillance and inspection, video monitoring and analytics, etc.



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