Some Travel Advice You Should Know Before Exploring Southeast Asian Countries

Some Travel Advice You Should Know Before Exploring Southeast Asian Countries

First, thanks to its democracy, Anwar Ibrahim was able to take office as the nation's 10th prime minister after years of political upheaval. Monsoon season is approaching, but not before a nearby state has a disagreement over Shariah amendments that forbid witchcraft and premarital pregnancy.

Next in the popular local news series is a ranking of Malaysia's "Travel Safety Index" status. The Swiftest, a travel and insurance-related company, published a list of hazard on December 1, 2022, emphasizing international vacation locations.

The picture lists the nations in ascending order, with South Africa at the top and being the one with the lowest level of safety.

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Malaysia comes in at number 18 among the 50 nations in Southeast Asia, while the Philippines comes in at number 7 overall and neighboring Singapore comes in at number 50.

The "Travel Safety Index" includes seven distinct elements for the 50 nations that receive the highest tourist traffic, giving each aspect full weight (up to 100 points), with the exception of the "Natural Disaster Risk Index," which received only half the weight. These are the factors:

- Homicide Deaths
- Road Traffic Deaths
- Poisoning Deaths
- Death from Poor Hygiene Conditions
- Communicable Disease Life Years Lost
- Injury Life Years Lost
- Natural Disaster Risk Index

The "least safe" countries are those with the lowest sums of scores "per 100,000 residents," whereas the "safest" nations are those with greater sums. Look at the list until Malaysia is in the 18th position.

According to The Swiftest, Malaysia receives a "B-" grade for "Homicide Deaths" and a "22.5" or "F" grade for "Road Traffic Deaths" respectively. Other Southeast Asian nations report higher factor scores in the meantime.

Consider Indonesia, which had a score of 7.1 on the scale for "Death from Poor Hygiene Conditions." With a score of 30.6 for "Road Traffic Deaths," Vietnam is only one position higher than Cambodia, which receives a 19.6 and a "D-" for the same criterion.

Here is a list of SEA countries in order of their deadliness to help readers understand the picture more clearly:

Cambodia - 6th place
Philippines - 7th place
Vietnam - 9th place
Indonesia - 10th place
Thailand - 12th place
Malaysia - 18th place

Also noteworthy..

Singapore is the safest country at number 50!



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