World's Best Cities To Live In 2022, Get To Know Southeast Asian Countries Position

World's Best Cities To Live In 2022, Get To Know Southeast Asian Countries Position

According to a score that takes into account eight different metrics, includingeconomic strength; research and development; cultural interaction; livability; environment; accessibility; Covid-19 deaths per thousand for the country; and annual population growth rate, the top cities to live in in 2022 will be determined by Global Finance.

For calculating the quality of life for those who live in cities, these criteria are all essential. All of the parameters were standardized in order to accurately quantify them into a single overall score and offer a standard for comparison.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

By outperforming comparable European cities like Vienna, Berlin, and Copenhagen in terms of livability and accessibility, Amsterdam unexpectedly rose from 14th on the 2020 list to 10th. Another consideration is that Amsterdam offers a choice of transit options and a lower cost of living than other European cities.

9. New York City, United States

The only American city in this year's ranking is New York City, which is distinguished by its robust economy, cultural relevance, and research & development. The extraordinarily high Covid-19 death rate in the United States and the city's growing cost of living, namely rents, are what are causing it to fall from fourth position in 2020 to ninth place in 2021.

8. Beijing, China

Given that it ranked 22nd in 2020, Beijing's climb to the top 10 greatest cities to live in is unexpected. Beijing receives a low rating for livability, however recently this has been changing, and its high levels of pollution result in a low rating for environmental safety. However, Beijing's ranking benefited from China's low Covid-19 death rate and the city's modest 2% year-over-year population growth. Despite its problems, Beijing is nevertheless developing and thriving.

7. Paris, France

Paris has recently endured great hardship. Paris' population is not growing, and France's Covid-19 death rate has been higher than the global norm. However, traditional measures like livability and cultural significance give Paris high marks.

6. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the second-largest city in Australia after Melbourne, and the two cities have a much in common, including strong environmental protection, a healthy economy, and the success of the Australian government's lockdowns in reducing Covid-19 deaths per capita.

5. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne kept its fifth-place rating in 2020 by emphasizing ecology. It not only establishes tight rules for the achievement of carbon neutrality, but it also encourages a range of parties to pursue legal avenues for stricter environmental standards. Despite the pandemic, Melbourne's population increased significantly as well.

4. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Similar qualities may be seen in Singapore and the other Asian cities in this year's top 10. In terms of economic power, cultural relevance, and environmental safety, it received a passable grade. It also successfully reduced Covid-19 deaths per capita.

3. Shanghai, China

Because of its rankings on economic strength, cultural relevance, and environmental safety, Shanghai would not have made the top 10 using conventional standards. Shanghai stands out for having extremely low Covid-19 death rates, which are a result of China's zero-covid policy and its rapid population expansion.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo receives a second position since it scores very high on fighting Covid-19. Additionally, the city consistently shows a desire for tech-related research and development, and its extensive public transportation infrastructure provides a high level of accessibility. Tokyo does, however, have a problem with population expansion. Tokyo is one of the few top 10 cities that experienced a population loss in the previous year.

1. London, United Kingdom

With good results for every category except Covid-19, London takes first place in the U.K. handled substantial increases in case counts from the start of the pandemic until as recently as January 2022. However, London's cultural power, accessibility, and unexpectedly rapid population growth set it apart from all other cities in the globe.


Some Asian cities rose significantly in the rankings relative to where they were in 2020 because to population growth and low Covid-19 death rates. Strong population growth was seen in Hong Kong (11), Dubai (12), Seoul (13), and Bangkok (22) as well as successful Covid-19 death reduction.

Beijing and Shanghai moved up from 21st and 22nd place, respectively, in the 2020 ranking to the top 10 of this year's ranking in China as a result of rigorous lockdowns in certain locations being so successful in preventing Covid-19 deaths.

Positions of other Southeast Asian nations:

- Bangkok, Thailand (22)
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (24)
- Jakarta, Indonesia (39)



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