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These Southeast Asian cuisines are the world's famous

These Southeast Asian cuisines are the world's famous

Every country has food that is characteristic of that country.In the Asian region, you can find world-famous specialties such as sushi from Japan or dim sum from China.There are a lot of special foods in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian food has a slightly spicy taste.
If you're interested in Southeast Asian specialties, read the reviews below.

    1. Rendang - Indoensia

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Rendang is a typical Indonesian food that is very famous around the world.CNN named Rendang one of the ten most delicious foods in the world.
Rendang is made from beef or buffalo cooked in coconut milk and spices for hours to produce a very distinctive taste and aroma.Fried rice is an Indonesian specialty.

    2. Nasi Lemak - Malaysia

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Foreign tourists love Nasi lemak from Malaysia. The dish is made with coconut milk. Eggs, cucumber slices, fried anchovies and peanuts, and sambal are some of the dishes served with nia lemak.

    3. Tom Yum Goong - Thailand

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If you ask Thais about food, the first answer is tom yum goong.Prawns, fish, and squid are in the soup.Many people are tempted to taste it.
Anyone can be addicted to the spicy, sour taste of Tom yum.

    4. Pho - Vietnam

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Who doesn't know a thing?
The typical Vietnamese dish is carpeted by both tourists and locals.There is a row of blocks in the middle of the city filled with pho's stalls.

Chicken or beef is one of the main ingredients in pho.The local delicacy is highly desirable.
Pho is cheap, delicious and easy to get anywhere.

    5. Adobo - Philippines

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In the Philippines, Adobo is made from pork or chicken, which is cooked in a fairly easy way, by boiling the meat with soy sauce, vinegar, paprika, bay leaves, and water until it is cooked and soft.
The smell is spicy and fragrant.
Adobo is usually eaten with white rice.

    6.Laksa - Singapore

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In every corner of Singapore, you can find a typical Singaporean food called Laksa.
The noodles are served with curry sauce, egg chunks, bean sprout, chicken, tofu, and dried shrimp.
This food is very rare in Indonesia, even though you can find it in Indonesia.

    7. Kaeng Som Gai

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Lao food is simple with a light and fresh taste.
This food is suitable for people who are on a diet

    8. Lahpet - Myanmar

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Lahpet is a kind of salad that is served in a container.There are many parts in one ohk lahpet, including fried garlic, beans, roasted sesame, dried shrimp, and fried coconut.
The middle contains tea with sesame oil.
The taste is unique because of the unusual blend of ingredients.

    9. Ambuyat, Brunei Darussalam,

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Is a typical food of Brunei Darussalam made from sago.Pull out the am buyat with chopsticks and then dip it in a thick sauce made from small shrimp.
Ambuyat is best eaten when it is still hot.

    10. Amok - Cambodia

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which is a typical Cambodian food, is one of the oldest delicacies in the world. Amok is made from fish cooked in curry sauce and coconut milk in a bowl made of banana leaves. The smell and taste are very pleasant.

.There are 10 popular foods from the asean countries.Which of the foods would you like to try first?



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