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Why Thailand Was Never Colonized?
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Why Thailand Was Never Colonized?

   Almost all countries in Southeast Asia have experienced colonialism. Like Indonesia and Malaysia which were colonized by the Portuguese, British, Dutch and Japanese. But there is one country in Southeast Asia that has never tasted the bitterness of colonialism, namely Thailand. Here are the reasons why Thailand was never colonized:

1. Geographical Reasons

Thailand is in the 'Buffer State' or a dividing country between the two colonialists, namely British imperialism in Myanmar and French imperialism in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


2. The Mandala Government System

Eliminating the power of regional leaders by concentrating all power in the city of Bangkok. That way the regional leaders only focused on the king's politics rather than the Europeans, so that they were not easily divided.



3. Modernization

Thailand is modernizing in various fields by adopting the habits of European countries. Such as lifestyle, modernization in education, military and technology. All of this was intended so that when Europeans came to Thailand, they would think that the Thai people were not stupid so they could become friends


4. Browing Agreement

This agreement was agreed upon by the Governor of Hong Kong, John Browing. Even though the contents of the agreement were detrimental to Thailand, but they accepted the agreement so that it would not be colonized and could still trade with foreign countries.


5. Participated in World War I

Thailand cooperates with England and France against Germany, Austria and Hungary. In this way, Thailand received support from Britain and France, thereby minimizing the chances of being colonized by Europe.


6. Have Few Crops

In general, Southeast Asian countries have abundant crops, but Thailand has few crops. Because of this many European nations were not interested in colonizing Thailand.



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