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Meaning and Logo of Mother’s Day 2022
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Meaning and Logo of Mother’s Day 2022

 ​The commemoration of Mother's Day in Indonesia is not a celebration of Mother's Day like in other countries. Commemoration of Mother's Day is a special moment that isa form of appreciation for the struggle of Indonesian womenfrom time to time for their role and contribution to theirfamilies, society, and country. Mother's Day is celebratedevery December 22 and has been celebrated nationally until now.

To commemorate Mother's Day 2022, the Ministry ofWomen's Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemenpppa) has published two logos, namely the 2022 National Mother'sDay Commemoration Logo and the Event Logo, along withits philosophy. The main theme for commemorating Mother'sDay this time is "Empowered Women, AdvancedIndonesia."


Mother's Day 2022 Logo Meaning

1. A Single Flower of Jasmine Florets, describes:Natural affection between mother and child.Strength and chastity between mother and childsacrifice.Women’s awareness to promote unity and sincerity in serving the nation and state’s development.


2. Number 94

Ninety-four years since the first Women's Congress in 1928, Indonesian women have joined variousorganizations and non-governmental organizations, bothas groups and individually, and have played an activerole in building the nation in various sectors.


3. Fluttering Red and White

Symbolizes that the flag has been hoisted by Indonesian women. This shows how persistent the struggle ofwomen who never give up to maintain and fulfillindependence is for the progress and welfare of thenation.


Mother's Day Event Logo Philosophy

1. The Shape of Flower, represents the way of thinking of Empowered Women:Intellectually intelligent (knowledge), emotionally intelligent (sincerity/steadfastness), and spiritually intelligent (faith).Spread positive thoughts like flowers that spread fragrance.Is symbolic of the female character.


2. The Form of Woman’s Shilhoutte and Face, representsthe attitudes and actions of Empowered Women:Firm but gentle, full of love.Looking ahead with confidence.Tough, with the ability to balance and equalize roles in various aspects of life.




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