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There are long term solutions to the flood problem in Malaysia.

There are long term solutions to the flood problem in Malaysia.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said long-term measures to resolve the flood problem should be implemented immediately.

He spoke after the meeting.Even if the rain is heavy, floods can be managed.

He said that they could still make good long-term flood management even though the government told them it would involve huge costs.The project cost US$ 3.


A long-term solution is needed to address the issue of stagnant water after floods, according to Ahmad Zahid, the rural and regional development minister.

The problem of stagnant water due to floods should be solved on a long-term basis for areas that are below sea level.

He said that they have asked for coordination with the Drainage and Irrigation Department so that a solution can be found quickly as it is linked to the problem of economic growth and people's livelihood in places where stagnant water gathers due to floods.


Volunteers would be involved in managing floods.For the first time, we are including voluntary bodies or volunteers in the central disaster management committee and we want similar involvement at the national, state and district levels.

He said that this will make it easier for us to solve flood problems.

The channelling of 7 billion ringgit was suspended by the Finance Ministry after the Prime Minister ordered them to do so.


On Dec 8, Bernama reported that the Melaka chief minister said that the state government had asked Mr Anwar to review the decision to suspend the flood mitigation projects as it would affect flood mitigation efforts in the state.


The north-east monsoon is predicted to bring continuous rain for four days on the east coast states of the Peninsula, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

The wet weather is expected to last until early next year due to the monsoon and the La Nina cycle according to the MetMalaysia director-general.


There is a risk of flooding on the coast due to a rise in the sea level.

According to the Star, Mr Muhammad Helmi said that the MetMalaysia would issue a continuous heavy rain warning if needed.

Ahmad Zahid said on Tuesday that some areas where the amount of rainfall is high and expected to cause flooding will be focused on.


He said that the MetMalaysia forecast will be used as a guide to activated temporary relief centers for victims before a flood occurs in the area.



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