10 Facts About Malaysia's Michelle Yeoh The "Icon of The Year 2022" by Time Magazine

10 Facts About Malaysia's Michelle Yeoh The "Icon of The Year 2022" by Time Magazine

If you discuss the top Asian actors of the twenty-first century, Michelle Yeoh will almost certainly come up. The Ipoh-born Malaysian actress, 60, has established herself in the business not merely because of her attractiveness but also because of her legendary filmography, which includes Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Crazy Rich Asians, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Crazy Rich Asians.

More recently, she stunned audiences earlier this year in the strange action drama film Everything Everywhere All at Once. It should come as no surprise that she was chosen as Time Magazine's 2022 Icon of the Year.

Yeoh has been a prominent figure in Asia for many years; during the heyday of Hong Kong action cinema, she starred as the lead in scores of movies and had a reputation for pulling off risky acts with ease. She came close to quitting acting more than once, first when she got married and decided to start a family (a road she subsequently discovered wasn't possible for her), and again when she got hurt on the job.

Yeoh was recovering from a disastrous stunt in 1995 when Quentin Tarantino, who was in Hong Kong to promote Pulp Fiction, paid homage. Yeoh thought she wasn't finished as he described her battle scenes detail by frame.

Soon after, she was cast in her first significant Hollywood role as Wai Lin, the Chinese secret agent in Tomorrow Never Dies who, in a turn for the franchise at the time, was on par with James Bond.

Around that time, Yeoh realized there was a correct approach and a quick way to establish a presence in the United States. People she encountered were extremely complimentary of her English and could not tell Malaysia apart from China or Japan.

Following Bond, offers started to pour in, but they were all for jobs that the industry could think of for someone with her appearance. Yeoh declined everything that supported negative stereotypes of Asian women, and it took her three years before she produced another Hollywood movie.

Let's clarify the facts now: A true icon, Michelle Yeoh represents the term. a legend. She's had an excellent career for four decades. We've seen her in every role, from poised geisha to Bond girl. Here are a few things about the illustrious star that you might not know.

1. Michelle Yeoh's first love was ballet

Michelle Yeoh was an all-around student who excelled in rugby, swimming, and other sports, but her dream was to become a ballerina. She started taking ballet lessons when she was four years old, and after relocating to London, she kept working toward her goal. Later, she applied to the elite Royal Academy of Dance.

2. Michelle triumphed in a number of pageants

Did you know that Michelle won the 1983 Miss Malaysia pageant? However, that wasn't the only title she won. In 1983, she visited Australia as well and took first place in a number of pageants, including Miss Moomba and Queen of the Pacific.

3. Her career in film was accidental

Co-founder of D&B Films and entrepreneur Dickson Poon was looking for an actress to join Jackie Chan in a commercial. Yeoh, who had won the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant, was suggested by Poon when he was out to dinner with a friend. She took a plane to Hong Kong, won the job, and was given a contract by D&B Films. What follows is history.

4. Michelle Yeoh had no formal martial arts training

Michelle Yeoh hasn't received any official martial arts instruction. And it's reasonable to wonder how someone with no formal training in kung fu could be so outstanding. The dancer, though, was adaptable enough to play martial arts roles. She trained in a gym with seasoned action performers like Dick Wei and picked up the moves on the set.

5. Yeoh played the lead in a Marvel film

While Yeoh undoubtedly delivered some of her most spectacular performances in the local 1980 films, it was her work in Hollywood that brought her the well-deserved recognition. She gained notoriety for her performance in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a Marvel superhero epic. The first Asian hero to join the MCU cast is introduced in the film.

Malaysia's actrees, Michelle Yeoh crowned as the Icon of The Year 2022 by TIME Magazine. Image Source:

6. Michelle Yeoh is trilingual

Speaking Cantonese, Malay, and English fluently, Michelle Yeoh. Prior to learning Cantonese, she first learned English and Malay. It's simple to forget that she is not an English native speaker now that she is a well-respected Hollywood actress.

7. The actor is a Buddhist

Any actor whose activity needs patience and aim can benefit from meditation and concentration. It's crucial to focus on martial arts parts. Michelle, who was raised in a Buddhist home, continues to practice the religion. Her life is centered on her spirituality and faith.

8. She enjoys taking on new challenges

While he works, the great Michelle Yeoh attempts to get in as much travel as she can. As you might expect, she is a traveler who enjoys the excitement of exploring new places and making real connections with people.

9. A Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Michelle

Yeoh gained notoriety in Hong Kong before making her Hollywood debut in Tomorrow Never Dies. The film that Yeoh is best known for, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, is still regarded as a classic. Additionally, she is honored to have won the 2013 ASEAN International Film Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award.

10. Michelle is regarded as history's greatest heroine

The best action heroine in 2008, according to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, was Michelle Yeoh. Michelle's legendary resume is ample evidence that her career has been filled with blockbusters. Yeoh is a celebrity in every sense of the word thanks to performances in highly acclaimed classics like Crazy Rich Asians and Memories of a Geisha as well as collaborations with Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Did you know Michelle has joined the cast of the Avatar sequels? Just go to watch Avatar: The Way of Water to see her appearance.



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