Worth the Try! 10 New Train Journeys for Your Holiday in 2023 (Part 2)

Worth the Try! 10 New Train Journeys for Your Holiday in 2023 (Part 2)

Millions of tourists worldwide have switched to trains as their preferred means of transportation as governments dither about taking action on climate change. The advantages of converting to clean, green rail travel are clearer than ever when you consider historically high car prices and erratic aircraft reliability.

Although there is still much to be done to reverse decades of underinvestment in rail networks around the world, the adventurous traveler is able to take advantage of new routes, additional trains, and exciting new journey choices every year.

Here is another half-10 list of thrilling new train journeys for 2023. Please check the first one 

Worth Try! 10 New Train Journeys for Your Holiday in 2023 (Part 1)

6. Amtrak's new flagship

Amtrak is investing in new high-speed Acela trains in order to improve service on the Northeast Corridor. Photo Source: Amtrak/CNN Travel

Under President Joe Biden's $66 billion investment plan, new railway routes in the US will not be available to passengers for a little while longer. However, in late 2023, a brand-new generation of Acela high-speed trains is planned to start operating on the crucial Northeast Corridor route connecting Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

28 Avelia Liberty trains, derived from the renowned TGV in France, will be delivered to Amtrak in order to improve the frequency and speed of Acela services. The new train will run between New York and Washington at a half-hourly frequency during rush hours, allowing Amtrak to improve capacity on the route and accommodate up to 25% more people.

The trains may "tilt" their carriages to give higher speeds, more stability, and comfort on curved sections of the line while still traveling at up to 160 mph (260 km/h). Free Wi-Fi, real-time information, charging ports, improved accessibility for all passengers, and a café car are among the amenities on board.

7. Baltic Boost -- Krakow-Vilnius

Riga-Vilnius-Minsk-Kyiv train. Photo Source:

There aren't many rail connections between the three Baltic States of Europe, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, which somewhat restricts sustainable travel alternatives there.

The relatively small rail networks of these three countries, which were all a part of the Soviet Union until the early 1990s, are oriented primarily eastward toward Russia and share its wider-than-normal rails. Longer ahead, a quick connection for passengers and freight between Poland, the Baltic States, and Finland will be made possible by the $6 billion Rail Baltica mega-project.

In the interim, visitors from central and western Europe must rely on long-distance buses and airlines to go to these modest but thriving EU members.

However, there is now a daily train connection between Krakow and Warsaw in Poland and Vilnius in Lithuania for the more daring rail explorer.

Polish Railways now operates a pleasant intercity train up to Mockawa, where there is a direct link to a Lithuanian train to the country's capital city, however it is not exactly a smooth connection due to the different track gauges.

This new route from Warsaw to Vilnius takes around nine hours, and tickets cost about $25, or $30 if you're going to or from Krakow. Currently, connections to Riga and Tallinn are made by bus, but when Rail Baltica opens in 2030, it will completely change how people get to and through these nations.

8. Nightjet's new European routes

A compartment in Nightjet's new modernized couchette car comfort. Photo Source: Christian Charisius/picture-alliance/dpa/AP/CNN Travel

Over the past five years, Austria's Nightjet sleeper trains have been the driving force behind a stunning comeback in overnight rail travel, and they're about to get much better. In 2023, Nightjet's services for passengers in Europe will be further expanded and improved thanks to additional routes and a fleet of excellent, brand-new, custom-built trains.

Better connections between southwest Germany and France are now available thanks to the extension of the Vienna/Munich to Milan Nightjet to the port city of Genoa and the change in the starting point of the Munich-Venice/Budapest trains from Stuttgart to Stuttgart.

However, the arrival of those new trains on vital international lines from Vienna and Munich to Rome, Milan, and Venice will be the big news for Nightjet customers in the summer of 2023.

33 new generation Nightjet trains will be in operation by the end of 2025, bringing much-needed additional capacity, improved comfort, and better privacy.

Each new train will include state-of-the-art interior design, including mini-cabins in the form of pod hotels for lone passengers, sleeping quarters with private bathrooms, and a multi-purpose car with secure bike places, space for heavy luggage, and rooms for winter sports equipment.

9. Orient Express La Dolce Vita

A rendering of the interior of the new Orient Express La Dolce Vita, which will debut in 2023. Photo Source: Dimorestudio/CNN Travel

Travelers have the option of adding Italy's newest super deluxe train to their trip itinerary for 2023 if the current Orient Express feels a bit dated these days. While maintaining the antique splendor, Orient Express La Dolce Vita caters to less conventional and more design-conscious travelers.

It will probably be a totally different experience from the Belle Epoque design of the renowned Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, with interiors inspired by Italian decor from the 1960s and 1970s and an exterior look reminiscent of gorgeous varnished motorboats like the legendary Riva Aquarama.

The ultra-luxurious 11-car train has 18 master suites with double beds, a sofa, armchairs, and a private bathroom, as well as a chic bar car with live music and games.

The restaurant wagon will serve Italian cuisine, seasonal and local vegetables, and top-notch wine, as you could anticipate. Passengers are encouraged to get in touch with their private concierge as soon as they make a reservation in order to customise and plan their journey.

La Dolce Vita will run one- or two-night trips departing from Rome with prices starting at about $2,000 per person, stopping in notable Italian destinations like Venice, Siena, Matera, and Palermo. Additionally, there are plans for international routes that include stops in Paris, Istanbul, and Split on Croatia's Adriatic coast.

10. Great Journeys New Zealand

Great Journeys New Zealand is launching its new multi-day tours, which range from six to 17 days, in 2023. Photo Source: Great Journeys New Zealand/CNN Travel

From January 2023, traveling by train to New Zealand's off-the-beaten-path locations will be considerably simpler. The new multi-day trips, which allow customers to disembark and take part in guided adventures and overnight stays in various locales, will be introduced by train operator Great Journeys New Zealand.

The three scenic train routes — the breathtaking TranzAlpine panorama train from Christchurch to Greymouth, the Northern Explorer between Auckland and Wellington, and the Coastal Pacific from Picton to Christchurch — are connected by itineraries that range in length from six to seventeen days.

There will be excursions to see whales, dolphins, and albatrosses in Kaikura, go on an adventure through the West Coast's Punakaiki Rocks and Hokitika Gorge, and sample wine in the renowned Marlborough region.

The Signature Style Tour, which includes upscale accommodations and extra attractions, is an alternative to the Classic Style Tour of New Zealand's bigger cities and heartland areas.


Source: CNN Travel 

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