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India Overtakes China as Most Populous Country. Will It Surpass China's GDP too?

India Overtakes China as Most Populous Country. Will It Surpass China's GDP too?

India is forecast to surpass China in terms of population by April and would have roughly 1.7 billion people by 2050, as opposed to China's anticipated 1.31 billion, according to a United Nations assessment, as reported by Yahoo News.

In the future, it's possible that India's GDP will surpass that of China. India's population is huge, and its economy is expanding. The nation's relatively young population and recent sustained economic growth could result in a demographic dividend.

It's crucial to remember that this is hard to anticipate and would depend on a number of variables, such as governmental actions, economic conditions, and world events. India's economy is now significantly smaller than China's, therefore catching up to China would require a significant and sustained period of expansion.

China's current economic dominance is a result of a number of variables, which may make it challenging for India to surpass China in terms of GDP.

- China's economy is significantly bigger than India's, and it has been expanding faster for many years.
- China has a better developed manufacturing base and infrastructure, which has helped it establish itself as a significant player in international trade and a top exporter of manufactured goods.
- China's industrial sector is more developed, which has helped it establish itself as a major role in the global economy.
- The financial industry is more advanced in China.
- More people in China are urbanized, and they enjoy a higher standard of living and access to urban services.

Due to these advantages, China has become a big economic force, and India would need to experience a lengthy and sustained period of prosperity to catch up. However, India has a number of advantages that can propel its economy in the future, including a sizable domestic market, a young population, and a burgeoning middle class.


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