Viet Nam's Viettel is Named Most Valuable Telecoms Brand in Southeast Asia

Viet Nam's Viettel is Named Most Valuable Telecoms Brand in Southeast Asia

According to the most recent Brand Finance Global 500, Viettel is the 17th most valuable telecom brand globally and the most valuable in Southeast Asia. Viettel is the lone brand from Vietnam and the only telecom company from Southeast Asia mentioned in the 2023 rankings, coming in at position 234 overall.

Amazon, an e-commerce company, overtook Apple to claim the title of most valuable corporation in the world, despite a 15% decline in brand value from 350.3 billion to 299.3 billion USD in 2022. As a result of a 16% reduction in brand value to 297.5 billion USD, Apple fell to second place.

A Vietnamese military-owned telecommunications firm called Viettel conducts business in Vietnam as well as a number of other nations in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

The brand's strong brand equity, extensive range of services, and creative business approaches have helped it become Southeast Asia's most valuable telecoms brand. Viettel is renowned for its accessible and affordable fixed-line and mobile services, as well as for the size of its network and the speed of its internet connections.

To improve the customer experience and keep ahead of the competition, the corporation has made significant investments in technology, such as 5G and AI. Its development as a valuable brand has also been aided by its solid financial performance and capacity to successfully penetrate new markets.



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