Two of the World’s 25 Strongest Brands in 2024 Are from Southeast Asia!

Two of the World’s 25 Strongest Brands in 2024 Are from Southeast Asia!
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Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Viettel have emerged as the two strongest brands from Southeast Asia, securing spots in the world’s 25 strongest brands in 2024, according to the Brand Finance report.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore, a prominent player in the leisure and tourism industry, takes great pride in being the 4th strongest brand worldwide in 2024, with an impressive score of 91.8. This marks an uptick of 5 points from the prior year. The brand value ranking also experienced a notable surge, climbing to 366th place worldwide, or an increase of 369 points.

Viettel, a leading company in the telecoms sector in Viet Nam, has solidified its position as the second-strongest Southeast Asian brand, boasting an impressive brand strength index of 89.4. Viettel has incredibly shined to the 14th rank among the world’s strongest brands. However, its global brand value ranking has slipped 7 ranks to 241st position.

Viettel’s remarkable brand strength index score has piqued global attention. It sheds light on the brand’s strong connection with its primary market of Viet Nam, particularly in aspects such as digitalization and sustainability commitments.

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Image from: Brand Finance
Image from: Brand Finance

Brand Finance is a global consulting firm that specializes in helping companies comprehend the value of their brands. The methodology for measuring the brand strength index involves three key pillars: Brand Investment, Brand Equity, and Brand Performance.

Brand Investment refers to the company’s investment in building brand loyalty and market share. Brand equity collects the perceptions of the brand among various stakeholder groups. This includes integrating market research data from over 150,000 respondents in 38 countries and spanning 41 sectors. Brand performance evaluates the extent to which a brand succeeded in achieving quantitative market and financial measures.


Source: Brand Finance Global 500 2024

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