Mapping The Population Density in Southeast Asia

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Mapping The Population Density in Southeast Asia

On Earth now, there are more than 7.8 billion people. However, the distribution of the population is incredibly uneven. The unequal distribution of Homo sapiens in our world is depicted in these maps.

Alasdair Rae used Aerialod software and population density data to produce the maps. Each bar's height corresponds to the number of inhabitants per square kilometer. Population statistics for various parts of our world are shown as population towers on the maps below.

Java is the most populous island on Earth, home to 143 million people. By 2030, Jakarta is expected to surpass Tokyo as the world's most populous metropolis. Borneo, the largest island in Asia, has a low population density when compared to its surroundings.

Southeast Asia has some of the greatest population densities on the planet, making it one of the most crowded areas. The region's population density varies substantially between nations and even between regions within nations.

Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand generally have the highest population densities in Southeast Asia. For instance, Indonesia has a population density of roughly 145 people per square kilometer, compared to the Philippines' 350 people per square kilometer.

However, certain nations in the region, such Laos and Myanmar, have far lower population densities, with respective densities of 40 and 60 persons per square kilometer.

The tropical climate and fertile terrain of Southeast Asia contribute to the region's high population density by supporting high levels of agricultural output and food production. In addition, many Southeast Asian nations feature expansive coastal plains and river deltas that serve as hubs for commercial activity and dense habitation.

As a result, the area has grown to be among the most populous and economically active regions in the globe, with numerous sizable cities and strong businesses.



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