Vietnam Crowned as The Best Culinary Destination in Asia for 2023

Vietnam Crowned as The Best Culinary Destination in Asia for 2023

The New York-based travel publication Travel + Leisure has named Vietnam the finest culinary destination in Asia for 2023.

Vietnamese food is one of the ethnic cuisines that is bursting with umami flavor. In addition to its stunning landscapes, the nation is well renowned for its cuisine, according the travel publication stated.

It continued, "Everywhere you go, you’ll be met with local, regional delicacies that will bowl you over, as you soak in new, exciting experiences and visit stunning destinations."

Vietnam was cited as one of the top six culinary vacation spots in August by Scotland's well-known travel booking service Skyscanner, which noted that the country offers "a perfect bowl of pho (noodle soup) for less than £1 and a local beer to wash it down with for about 50p."

You'll know why Vietnam is so beloved by foodies if you've ever tucked into a steaming dish of pho. The cuisine is delicious; think pillowy rolls with banh mi filling and tender, fresh summer rolls with shrimp and mint leaves, the airline reservation website wrote.

It advised taking an hour-long domestic flight to H'i An, a lesser-known foodie capital, where Chinese, French, and Japanese elements join to create a distinctive take on Vietnamese cuisine, after rifling through Hanoi's street food stalls.

In a dish of pho, flat, soft rice noodles are dipped in a flavorful broth made of beef or poultry and various seasonings. A banh mi is a thin baguette that has been grilled over embers and is stuffed with meat, pate, crunchy pickled veggies, fresh herbs, mayonnaise, and a hot chili sauce.



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